Monday, June 22, 2015

Review: "Pleasure of a dark prince" by Kresley Cole

Author: Kresley Cole 
Book 9 of series Immortals after dark
Main characters: Garreth and Lucia

At the beginning of this review, I would like to thank my packmates from Nalini Singh Fans facebook group :) when I asked for their recommendations about books, cause I'm always looking for it, they came up with tones of amazing books :) I heard about some of them, but a lot of them were knew to me :) I can't wait to try some of them, but a lot of people encouraged me to try Immortals after dark :) I read 8 books before, but after that, and I can't remember why, probably because some book that I was waiting for was published around that time, I took a break from it and just didn't came back... and now I just can't understand how I was able to put it down :) I loved it :) it was super funny, very hot and exciting book :) so thank you again for helping me remember why I loved this series in the first place :)

Although I had some problems in the beginning, because about 1/3 of the book takes place before the start of the whole series and somewhere in between the first 8 books... it jumps form time to time... so at first I was a little bit confused, cause it was hard to keep track of the events, until finally I decided to just go with the flow and trust, that if I need to know some information about a character or event from previuos ones, it will be mentioned :) fortunately, it was :) plus, the glossary of terms in the beginning was very helpful :) I read so many paranormal/fantasy stories, each of them with their own set of rules, races and stuff, that it was a good way to remind me what set of rules apply to this world :)

I really loved both of the main characters :) I think that it was great, that Lucia was so proud of how good she is with certain skills... I mean, why she's supposd to be modest and pretend that she's worse... she should be proud :) and don't get me started on Garreth.. :) I adored how curious and relentless he was... and the fact that he has an accent... my oh my... ;) give me a hottie with an accent and I'm melted in the puddle on the floor... I need a minute... ok, maybe like a couple of minutes ;) ok, I'm back to my normal self... at least as normal as I can be ;) and to top that off, he's a Lykae... ;) I have a very soft spot for every kind of Lykae/werewolf/changeling characters... they are always very tactile and there's just something about them... ;) I love their stories :)

After the first 1/3 of the book, when we finally get up to speed to the story, things definitely starts to get more interesting... it was fun before, but after that it's even better.. there is an evil god, mysterious events from Lucia's past and a very eventful trip to the Amazon... the rainforest and river, not the online site ;) I can't say much more, because I don't want to spoil any details, but trust me, it's a must read for every book lover of paranormal-romance-fun-super-sizzling-hot-sexy stories out there :)

The best compliment I can give this book, is the fact that now I'm going to have to read the next one... fortunately for me, it's already published ;) after I read the last chapter I was like "damn... there goes my plan... now I have to go to the next one" ;) don't worry, the situation with the main couple is totally resolved, but something happens with other people, that makes it impossible to read something else before you know how it will turn out :) and I already had my next book all picked out and ready... ;)



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