Thursday, June 11, 2015

Review: "The mistake" by Elle Kennedy

Author: Elle Kennedy
Book 2 of series Off-campus
Main characters: John Logan and Grace Ivers

First things first... I really loved this book ;) it's the second one in the series, and it's different from the first one (which I think is a good thing) but it's just as entertaining and fun to read :) Logan thinks that he has a serious crush on his best friend girlfriend (I'm talking about the couple from the first book) so when he meets Grace he thinks that she's just a distraction... before he realizes the truth, he already does something stupid, and later tries to prove to Grace that his feelings for her are real :) it's really adorable ;)

But I mean... how could he not realize it sooner... that he did not have a crush on Hannah and wanted only what she and Garrett has?!? Did he not watched "Friends"?!? ;) you know... the one where Joey has a dream about Monica when she's with Chandler and thinks he has a crush on her until they help him realize that he just want a relationship like theirs :) unfortunately for him, he must have not seen this, or just forgotten about it ;) fortunately for him (and for us, because it's super fun to read) he can be very stubborn :) so when he realizes the truth and decides to win her back it becomes a truly great book :)

Because there is a list... and what a list it is... ;) I think one of my favourite scenes involves the list... red velvet... and a picture... :) I'm gonna give you a moment to think about that... and yes... it's even more fun than you can imagine ;) Plus, Grace is such a great character :) she's fun and smart... :) and her babbling is totally cute ;) it is a perfect read for a hot, summer day :) cause then you can pretend that you're hot because of the weather and not the book ;)

In this book we also get a glimpse of some of the potential characters for future stories... and I absolutely don't mind :) I hope she will write and write and write this series ;) I mean, who doesn't like a good, sexy and funny romance :) if you don't, I don't think we can be friends anymore ;) 

The only thing that kind of bothered me, was ultimately how quickly the situation with Logan's father was resolved at the end... I mean, it didn't as much bothered me as it was... I'm not sure how to put it... all in all, it did not affect my opinion about the book and the fact that I definitely will go back and read it again... and again... and again ;)   

Now I'm just gonna wait impatiently for Dean's book ;) in the meantime I think I'm gonna try some other books by Elle Kennedy :) I hope they are just as fun, full of amazing characters and a great read, just as this series :)



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