Thursday, June 18, 2015

Review: "Midnight's kiss" by Thea Harrison

Author: Thea Harrison
Book 8 in series Elder races
Main characters: Julian and Melisande

A little confession... I had this book on my to be read list, cause I really like this series, but I wasn't going to read it as fast as I did... so how did this happen, you ask? :) I can only blame my sister for it... ;) I'm writing "my sister" because I'm not allowed to call her "my little sister" anymore... even though she is younger than me ;) she read it first, and immediately came to me and told me that I have to read it... like NOW... like drop-everything-you-are-doing-and-get-to-it now :) so I really didn't have a choice... ;) after all, she knows all my weaknesses and soft spots :) and I'm very happy that she did it :) because I loved it just as she predicted I would :)

I was a little sceptic before, cause I didn't really see Julian as a main character of a story... I liked Melisande before, but Julian... I saw him more as a strong secondary character of this series, and couldn't really imagined how could he carry on his broad shoulders (because please... show me a hero of any kind of romance/paranormal romance/historical romance and so on :) who is not well built... I mean, some are taller and bigger, some are more lean but they all look yummy ;) ) his own book... but I was proven wrong :)

I absolutely love when in a series each book is different, each couple has it's own obstacles to overcome before they can be together :) don't get me wrong, I have nothing against a series where books are similar to each other, it's just for me, the each-book-is-different approach is more interesting ;) so I really liked, that Julian and Melisande have a past between them... there is history and some not entirely resolved issues... :) ok... totally not-resolved-even-a-little-bit issues ;) so it's that much satisfying to see how they work to overcome it and how much they grow as people... and by people I of course mean Nightkind king and Light Fae princess ;) it's just shorter that way :) but I'm sure you're able to follow my train of thoughts ;)

Book starts where the previous one left off... so right from the beginning we have some pretty dramatic turn of events... but I believe that all this was necessary, that the main couple had to be forced together in a closed space, so they can finally resolve and confront all that's between them :) plus it's always awesome to see a woman, who doesn't helplessly waits to be saved, but tries her best to do what she can to free herself... even if it's hard or scary... :) and believe me, there are some pretty creepy stuff... ;)

All in all, it's a great addition to a fantastic series full of amazing novellas ;) don't get me wrong, novel-lenght books are awesome, but I think it's harder to create a novella that will truly capture your attention and that will leave you satisfied, so you don't feel the story has been rushed :) and she's done it time and time again with each and every one of her novellas in this series :)



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