Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Review: "The secrets of sir Richard Kenworthy" by Julia Quinn

Author: Julia Quinn
Book 4 and last of Smythe-Smith quartet
Main characters: Richard Kenworthy and Iris Smythe-Smith

At the very beginning I have to admit that I have very mixed feelings about this one... it took me a while after finishing this book to actually sit down and write a review... and I'm still thinking how to put my thoughts into words in the best possible way... let me try to explain... I usually browse other reviews before I read a book, cause I'm curious about what people think... don't get me wrong, it does not persuade me to not read a book if they are bad, or read one if they are ecstatic :) but I'm always wondering what other people think about a book that I'm starting to read :) and when I did that about this book, there were a lot of bad or very mixed reviews... and I was actually surprised about that, because Julia Quinn is one of my favourite authors, and surely her new book can't be all that bad... but after finishing it, I have to admit... that I understand those reviews... maybe not agree with them about all of it, but I do understand...

On the one hand, we have this fun and charming story about Richard, who has to get married very quickly (we learn the true reason behind this very late in the book) and lovely Iris, who we know from the previous books... because of the time he does not have, the courtship has to be very quick... and it ends with Richard fastforwarding all of it, by kissing Iris when her aunt can catch them, thus ending the whole situation with a wedding... and I don't have a problem with that idea... let's be honest, a lot of historical romances use this... there are plenty of great books that basically starts with a couple who has to get married because of a scandal or this kind of a situation :)

My problem starts about 75 % into the book, when we, along with Iris, learns why Richard insisted on such a fast wedding... I have to admit, that up to that point I enjoyed this book very much, even though I don't like when one of the characters keeps such a huge secret from his/her partner... so I can't say that I was surprised, but the reason did seem a little out-of-the-blue... I don't want to spoil what was it, but let me just say, that for a situation, that required him to marry so quickly, and that seems to be so impossible and without a better solution... it does seem to resolve unusually fast... I'm talking like a chapter or two... and that's it... it seemed to me a little inconsistent... like, "Really? It's this super big problem, that you cannot find a better solution, and then it just sort of magically resolves itself...?" 

On the other hand, people have got to stop comparing every character and every family in her books to Bridgertons... I think it's totally unfair... I get it, it was a magical series, but it will not happen again... and it shouldn't, because that's what makes them so special to me... I love to read about Bridgertons, and I always be more than happy to read new stories about them, but I also enjoy other books by Julia Quinn... it's just this one, that didn't "click" for me 100 %...  but all in all, it was not as bad as I was afraid, after reading some of the reviews... so I leave you to make your own choice... because your opinion is what should matter to you the most :)

At the very end I'm posting something from Julia Quinn website, that I'm very curious about... a very mysterious sentence in "coming soon"... what do you think? New books...? About kids maybe...? If you know something more, let me know ;)



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