Saturday, May 23, 2015

Review: "The deal" by Elle Kennedy

Author: Elle Kennedy 
Title: "The deal" 
Book 1 of series Off-campus 
Main characters: Garrett Graham and Hannah Wells

I have to admit, that after struggling with my last review, this one is practically writing itself... ;) but it's mostly because I loved the book :) it was a super fun, sizzling hot, smart and sexy romance... just what doctor ordered ;) I will be forever thankful to powers that be at goodreads, because it appeared in my recommendations after finishing "The friend zone" and we all know how much I loved that one :) I don't know if I would have found this one on my own, and it's to scary to even think about it... ;) so let's all be happy that I did found it, and that now I can share with you my absolute joy over reading it :) 

I think that the biggest upside of this book, is that there was no hidden agenda between main characters... it's not like she had a crush on him, and used some sort of ploy to get closer to him... noooo... she actually has a crush on another guy ;) it was very honest from the start and I loved it... he needed her to tutor him, so he can pass exam and keep on playing hockey as team captain... but she was absolutely not interested in this ;) so it took a little time to convince her, and I adored how relentless Garrett was about it ;) and when he finally learned about her crush, he found something to offer her in return... ;) his help to get that guy for her :)

But do not get me wrong, the whole book is absolutely amazing :) it was super fun to read how Hannah is totally unaffected by his charms... at least at the beginning ;) and how they start as unusual friends :) and it was great to see a guy who has this softer, smarter side, besides the confidence, wit and good looks ;) And the dual perspective is always a plus for me, especially when it is done so well as in this one :) I honestly have to say, that I didn't expect it to be so unbelievably amazing :) I could go on and on and on a little bit more, using a lot of adjectives... and it would still not be enough... so just read it for yourself, and then you will understand ;) 

And I had such a perfect plan about books that I was supposed to read... ;) then I saw this one and it all went to hell ;) because I had to try it ;) and it was one of my most awesomeness (is that even a word?? I don't know, but I'm gonna leave it here, since it represents my feelings perfectly ;) ) decisions... I literally had to talk myself into putting it down... and it was not easy, because I can be very stubborn ;) so I hope you also will give it a try... I know that after reading this one, I will definitely try some of her other books, cause now I'm curious, are they gonna be as good? When I will have the answer, I will definitely let you know ;)



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