Friday, May 29, 2015

Books I can't wait to get my hands on ;) june edition

Although to be fair, I should have put "book" in the title of this post, because this time, there is only one book, that I can't wait for... and it's... ta da da daaaa... Shards of hope by absolutely amazing Nalini Singh ;) and I'm like double curious, because it's the book that ends one big story arch that's been going on from the first book :) but don't worry, it's not the end of psy-changeling world :) there are gonna be more books, more stories and even a second story arch so... I actually can't decide whether I am more curious about the ending of this part of stories or about beginning of another... ;)

Very fortunately for me, because I'm an impatient reader, especially with her books, this one comes out in the first week of june ;) so it's just a few days away... but you know... and I think that everyone who read and loved one of her books can agree with me... I honestly think that I should start some sort of support group for the poor us who have to wait for a new book... because no matter how many awesome books she publishes, we are always waiting for the next one... ;) after I read "Shards of hope" then the wait for the story of Naasir and Andromeda starts... and after that, I'm gonna be looking forward to the next story in her Rock kiss series ;) so you see my problem... ;) I always want more... it's like the best addiction ever ;) so I'm seriously thinking about starting that group... ;) we could hold each others hands, probably virtually but still :) and we could share our pain and count together days to the next book ;) I think it would really be helpful, at least for me... ;) anyone interested? ;)



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