Sunday, May 31, 2015

Celebration time ;)

Ok, maybe for some people it's nothing... but for me it is definitely a reason to celebrate :) and I want to share my joy with all of you :) Plus, now I have a reason to go and reward myself with something tasty... and full of calories... like ice cream... or chocolate... or ice cream WITH chocolate... I mean, it is sunday after all ;) mmm.... sorry, I had to wipe a little bit of drool off my face.. ;)

But before that, a mini-one-person wave in celebration of me ;) of course you can join if you want :) everyone is welcome here ;)



Friday, May 29, 2015

Books I can't wait to get my hands on ;) june edition

Although to be fair, I should have put "book" in the title of this post, because this time, there is only one book, that I can't wait for... and it's... ta da da daaaa... Shards of hope by absolutely amazing Nalini Singh ;) and I'm like double curious, because it's the book that ends one big story arch that's been going on from the first book :) but don't worry, it's not the end of psy-changeling world :) there are gonna be more books, more stories and even a second story arch so... I actually can't decide whether I am more curious about the ending of this part of stories or about beginning of another... ;)

Very fortunately for me, because I'm an impatient reader, especially with her books, this one comes out in the first week of june ;) so it's just a few days away... but you know... and I think that everyone who read and loved one of her books can agree with me... I honestly think that I should start some sort of support group for the poor us who have to wait for a new book... because no matter how many awesome books she publishes, we are always waiting for the next one... ;) after I read "Shards of hope" then the wait for the story of Naasir and Andromeda starts... and after that, I'm gonna be looking forward to the next story in her Rock kiss series ;) so you see my problem... ;) I always want more... it's like the best addiction ever ;) so I'm seriously thinking about starting that group... ;) we could hold each others hands, probably virtually but still :) and we could share our pain and count together days to the next book ;) I think it would really be helpful, at least for me... ;) anyone interested? ;)



Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Review: "Hades" by Larissa Ione

Author: Larissa Ione
Title: "Hades"
Book 11,5 in series Demonica
Main characters: Hades and Cataclysm

Well... that was fast... ;) I definitely did not wait a few months with reading this one as I did with "Revenant" cause I learned my lesson ;) and I was rewarded with an awesome story :) it had everything that we love in this series... sizzling-hot-sexy romance, sarcasm, wit, humor and kickass main characters ;) I mean even both their names are kickass ;) and don't even get me started what happens to Hades every time he pops out those wings... ;) well, I'm not gonna write it here, go check it out for yourself, it's pretty cool ;) 

It's a novella, so it's shorter than a regular story, but you don't have a feeling like something is missing... it's complete and absolutely entertaining :) but how can it not be, when you have a cell in prison with a nickname "jellybean"... the explanation is hilarious... ;) and what Hades does to stone statue of Seth is just.... I can't even... ;) I nearly fell off a chair when I read it ;) and last but not least, I'm gonna throw your way two words, without any context whatsoever (they appear near the end) and if that's not gonna encourage you to read this, I seriously don't know what will... ;) are you ready? Ok... here they are... pee stick ;) I'm gonna give you a moment, because I know that you need it... I know I did ;)

As a bonus, now I'm super curious about Zhubaal... his story, with the vow and everything... now I need to know more... and I'm sure that Larissa Ione would not just throw it our way and just ignore it, so I'm just waiting fot like an official date when this story is gonna happen, because I need it like really soon... my birthday is in july soooo... just saying ;)



Saturday, May 23, 2015

Review: "The deal" by Elle Kennedy

Author: Elle Kennedy 
Title: "The deal" 
Book 1 of series Off-campus 
Main characters: Garrett Graham and Hannah Wells

I have to admit, that after struggling with my last review, this one is practically writing itself... ;) but it's mostly because I loved the book :) it was a super fun, sizzling hot, smart and sexy romance... just what doctor ordered ;) I will be forever thankful to powers that be at goodreads, because it appeared in my recommendations after finishing "The friend zone" and we all know how much I loved that one :) I don't know if I would have found this one on my own, and it's to scary to even think about it... ;) so let's all be happy that I did found it, and that now I can share with you my absolute joy over reading it :) 

I think that the biggest upside of this book, is that there was no hidden agenda between main characters... it's not like she had a crush on him, and used some sort of ploy to get closer to him... noooo... she actually has a crush on another guy ;) it was very honest from the start and I loved it... he needed her to tutor him, so he can pass exam and keep on playing hockey as team captain... but she was absolutely not interested in this ;) so it took a little time to convince her, and I adored how relentless Garrett was about it ;) and when he finally learned about her crush, he found something to offer her in return... ;) his help to get that guy for her :)

But do not get me wrong, the whole book is absolutely amazing :) it was super fun to read how Hannah is totally unaffected by his charms... at least at the beginning ;) and how they start as unusual friends :) and it was great to see a guy who has this softer, smarter side, besides the confidence, wit and good looks ;) And the dual perspective is always a plus for me, especially when it is done so well as in this one :) I honestly have to say, that I didn't expect it to be so unbelievably amazing :) I could go on and on and on a little bit more, using a lot of adjectives... and it would still not be enough... so just read it for yourself, and then you will understand ;) 

And I had such a perfect plan about books that I was supposed to read... ;) then I saw this one and it all went to hell ;) because I had to try it ;) and it was one of my most awesomeness (is that even a word?? I don't know, but I'm gonna leave it here, since it represents my feelings perfectly ;) ) decisions... I literally had to talk myself into putting it down... and it was not easy, because I can be very stubborn ;) so I hope you also will give it a try... I know that after reading this one, I will definitely try some of her other books, cause now I'm curious, are they gonna be as good? When I will have the answer, I will definitely let you know ;)



Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Review: "The secrets of sir Richard Kenworthy" by Julia Quinn

Author: Julia Quinn
Book 4 and last of Smythe-Smith quartet
Main characters: Richard Kenworthy and Iris Smythe-Smith

At the very beginning I have to admit that I have very mixed feelings about this one... it took me a while after finishing this book to actually sit down and write a review... and I'm still thinking how to put my thoughts into words in the best possible way... let me try to explain... I usually browse other reviews before I read a book, cause I'm curious about what people think... don't get me wrong, it does not persuade me to not read a book if they are bad, or read one if they are ecstatic :) but I'm always wondering what other people think about a book that I'm starting to read :) and when I did that about this book, there were a lot of bad or very mixed reviews... and I was actually surprised about that, because Julia Quinn is one of my favourite authors, and surely her new book can't be all that bad... but after finishing it, I have to admit... that I understand those reviews... maybe not agree with them about all of it, but I do understand...

On the one hand, we have this fun and charming story about Richard, who has to get married very quickly (we learn the true reason behind this very late in the book) and lovely Iris, who we know from the previous books... because of the time he does not have, the courtship has to be very quick... and it ends with Richard fastforwarding all of it, by kissing Iris when her aunt can catch them, thus ending the whole situation with a wedding... and I don't have a problem with that idea... let's be honest, a lot of historical romances use this... there are plenty of great books that basically starts with a couple who has to get married because of a scandal or this kind of a situation :)

My problem starts about 75 % into the book, when we, along with Iris, learns why Richard insisted on such a fast wedding... I have to admit, that up to that point I enjoyed this book very much, even though I don't like when one of the characters keeps such a huge secret from his/her partner... so I can't say that I was surprised, but the reason did seem a little out-of-the-blue... I don't want to spoil what was it, but let me just say, that for a situation, that required him to marry so quickly, and that seems to be so impossible and without a better solution... it does seem to resolve unusually fast... I'm talking like a chapter or two... and that's it... it seemed to me a little inconsistent... like, "Really? It's this super big problem, that you cannot find a better solution, and then it just sort of magically resolves itself...?" 

On the other hand, people have got to stop comparing every character and every family in her books to Bridgertons... I think it's totally unfair... I get it, it was a magical series, but it will not happen again... and it shouldn't, because that's what makes them so special to me... I love to read about Bridgertons, and I always be more than happy to read new stories about them, but I also enjoy other books by Julia Quinn... it's just this one, that didn't "click" for me 100 %...  but all in all, it was not as bad as I was afraid, after reading some of the reviews... so I leave you to make your own choice... because your opinion is what should matter to you the most :)

At the very end I'm posting something from Julia Quinn website, that I'm very curious about... a very mysterious sentence in "coming soon"... what do you think? New books...? About kids maybe...? If you know something more, let me know ;)



Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Review: "The friend zone" by Kristen Callihan


Author: Kristen Callihan 
Book 2 of series Game on 
Main characters: Gray and Ivy

This is the book that I waited for... maybe not for such a long time, because I read the first one couple of months ago, but it definitely felt longer than that... ;) because I loved the first one, and I was very curious about the sequel... will it be as good as the first one? Is the story gonna capture my attention from the very start like the previous one? Will I love those characters as much as I loved Drew and Anna? It is my greatest pleasure to give you answer to all those questions as a big, fat YES!!! :)

First of all, do not read it in public places... believe me... it's safer to read it at home ;) at home no one will jugde you for fanning yourself and blushing while reading this book... because it is that hot... ;) it's very sexy without being vulgar, and that just makes it even hotter ;) now that we have that warning said out loud, let me start :)

And I do have to start by saying, that it is a real pleasure to write a review of a book that I loved so much... and I think it shows ;) when you read my reviews I think you are able to tell, which books I really loved and which one made the biggest impression :) like this one :) I was really afraid, that because I loved the first one so much, that the sequel might not be as good... but fortunately, it was an amazing read ;)

The dynamics between characters are different than in the first story, but just as entertaining ;) but it's a good thing, since their story is also different... I think it's a great accomplishment to write diverse sets of characters and how they are coming together, but that still feels like a series... and Kristen Callihan has done it :) don't you just love it when everything comes together so perfectly? ;)

And now let me tell you something more about the book... at this point you should already know how much I loved it, so let me tell you something else... ;) the story starts with them texting each other, since Ivy is out of the country... that lasts for about a week, and then she comes home... and it all begins... I have to say that it's really adorable, how they both pretend that what it is between them is just friendship... ;) because everyone else seems to see it, besides them :) but it is very cute to watch... it gets even better when they finally admit that it's more ;) plus, it's endearing to see this more vulnerable side of Gray... his shyness about how smart he is... or the story of his tattoos... they are absolutely amazing together and I adore how they tackle (see what I did there...? A little football metaphor ;D ) what life brings them :) and an epilogue two years later, like in the first book, is an excellent idea, because it gives us a glimpse of their lives... a sense of even better closure if you read just this one book... but that won't be a problem... because you only gonna want more and more and more... I really do hope that Kristen Callihan has a lot of ideas, because this series has to go on and on... ;)

Last but definitely not least, the sisters... I had to write about them, because Ivy and her younger sister Fiona are just perfect... ;) they remind me of myself and my little sister :) this banter... and sarcastic comments and jokes... but all said with love and this incredible bond between them... :) I read a lot of books, believe me... but I don't think I ever found sisters, who had such an amazing connestion between them... sisters, who reminded me of my favourite little sis and me ;) and it was just an icing on this incredible cake... ;)

I wasn't going to put any quotes, because there are just so many of them... both funny and sexy, but when I read this one I almost fell off my chair... ;) so I just had to put it here... maybe I loved it so much, cause I'm such a huge G... fan, but here you go ;)

Gray and Ivy sort of starts to wrestle and this is part of their conversation:
Gray: "It's nothing to be ashamed of. You just don't have the reflexes necessary to compete."
Ivy: "I have the reflexes of a cat."
Gray: "If you mean Garfield, then yeah."

And then I started laughing so hard that I almost cried ;)



Monday, May 4, 2015

Another small success... ;) that put the biggest smile on my face :D

Now another one of my favourite authors knows that my blog exists and read review of her book :) and responded :) I know that this may not seem like a lot to some people, but it definitely is for me :) it's very rewarding for me to know that I could share with her my opinion about her amazing book... because if I was in her place, I would love to hear opinions from my readers, especially if they were as enthusiastic as mine ;)

So I will keep writing... for me, mostly, because I really love it and it brings me a lot of joy to put into words my feelings about books ;) but it also gives me great satisfaction to know that there are people out there who read it... so thank you, to all of you, from the bottom of my heart... it sounded a little bit melodramatic, but what the hell... ;) just go with it ;)

A special thank you to all my fb friends who came here from my fb posts :)

And of course the biggest hugs and kisses to my favourite little sister... see what I did there ? ;) a little inside joke ;)