Sunday, April 12, 2015

Review: "Of silk and steam" by Bec McMaster


Author: Bec McMaster 
Book 5 of series London steampunk 
Main characters: Leo Barrons and Aramina Duvall

This is the last book in this particular story arc, which means that a lot of the plots that's been building comes to an end in this book. But of course there are always possibilities (and a few threads left unraveled ;D) for more books ;) and I'm really hoping there will be more, mainly because I am a big fan of this series and this author :)

I was impatiently waiting for this book because I was very curious about the main heroine... Duchess of Casavian was a mysterious character from the moment I met her (on the pages of the book obviously, I am aware that she is just a fictional character, although it's sometimes easy to forget ;) since Bec McMaster writes so good that her characters come very much alive in my mind ;D )

And I have the pleasure of saying that I was not disappointed. This book is an amazing conclusion to an arc that was building throughout 5 books. It's a reward for us, readers, to have the answers to most of the questions we had after previous books, when we learned more and more about this world, it's inhabitants and relationships between them. And even thought there are some casualties (it would be weird if there weren't any if you look at how many stuff happens in this book) I'm looking forward to more books in this world, because I would love to see how some of the characters that I grew to love, will find their happy ending :)

I was a little bit afraid, that the main couple will not get enough time to build a good relationship since so much more is happening in this book (and believe me, there is a lot going on...) but even though very little time passes in the book (I am not counting the epilogue) I was absolutely mesmerized by their chemistry from the very start and the way that the author handled their story :) but I did always loved a character (especially a woman) when at first she appears icy and distanced but there is so much more in her, a fire and passion that she hides behind all those barriers... :)

I thought I would need one more day to finish it, but when I was getting closer and closer to the end I absolutely could not put it down, so I was reading till 1 in the morning last night... ;) and even though I'm yawning right now it is solely because of lack of sleep ;) but it was worth it... ;) an amazing conclusion to an amazing series that I will definitely be coming back to ;) and it's a huge compliment from me, since my to-read-pile-of-books starts to look like a little mountain ;) plus another virtual little mountain of e-books :) but I will always find time for Bec McMaster and her enchanting writing :)



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