Sunday, April 19, 2015

Review: "Angel and Hiss" by Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright

Book 7 in series Bayou heat
Main characters: Angel and Indy, Hiss and Gia

This is another installment in highly entertaining Bayou heat series :) and I have to admit, it still amazes me how good of a story you can write in less than ten chapters :) and introduce a group or two of new characters... :) and throw some big revelations about the "Big Bad" of the second story arc... :) and give the impression that the smaller "Big Bad" will maybe get his own story someday... :)

This series is just getting better and better with each story... and I really love it, because it's not easy... more than once I experienced this with other books... the start of the series is very promising... a couple of more books are still good, but they do not have that "special" something... and then it's just down the hill... disappointment... :/ that's way I believe it's very important to be thankful and show a little appreciation when some people do it the right way... the very best way... ;) and are able to keep a series of books intriguing and fun :)

Honoring how short the books are, I'm also gonna write a short post ;) so... if you already know the series, it's an excellent addition to it, and if you don't know it... definitely give it a try... it's a fun and quick read :)



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