Sunday, April 26, 2015

Not exactly PBD but...

A couple months ago I wrote a short post about a PBD... Post Book Depression - that sad feeling you get when you finish a really good book ;) Now I want to write about something similar, but not exactly... it's more of a positive feeling... let me try to explain :)

It's this feeling... I still don't have a name for it ;) that you get after finishing a truly amazing book... not a sad feeling... more like... it was so good, that you have to wait a few days before you read another, because through comparison, every book will be worse... and you need time to truly appreciate something else... so you have to take a break from reading...

I went through this less than two months ago, when I finished "Rock hard" by amazing Nalini Singh. That book was so great and fun to read, that I needed a couple days just so I could truly enjoy something else... so the next book won't look worse and pale through comparison ;) but I wrote all my super-happy feelings in a review of it and it helped me to move on ;)

And I'm going through it now... yesterday I finished "Revenant" by talented Larissa Ione and I'm lost again... in the best possible way... ;) that book was so amazing, so moving and so well written, that again, I need a few days to process it fully, so I can move on to something else... do not worry, a very ecstatic review will be posted shortly, just give me few days ;)



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