Thursday, April 30, 2015

Books I can't wait to get my hands on ;) may edition

It's this time again... ;) to share with you books that I just can't wait to read... although my to-be-read pile is already so big that I swear... there are days that I'm convinced that my tombstone will read "crushed by her own books" ;) but it would be such a good way to go... death by your biggest passion... ;) but back to the good stuff :)

I think the book that I am the most excited about is "The friend zone" by Kristen Callihan... :) I loved the first one and I am wondering if the second will live up to all my expectations... and let's not kid ourselves... who does not love a good romance with a hot football player... I don't hear any objections... ;)

The second, and a very close one, book is "Born of defiance" by Sherrilyn Kenyon and I have to be honest with you... if someone would tell me that I will love so much a sci-fi-fantasy-sort-of series that takes place in outer space on different planets and worlds... I would not believe them... and yet here we are, seven books later, and I am in love :) so trust me, it's worth it ;)

As to my third choice... when my sister first heard that there is a book about a dragon shapeshifter and a woman who wants to steal something from him she was immediately sold to that idea... :) as was I :) and now, seven books later, and as much novellas (that are as good as full lenght books, which is not easy) we are still in love with the series... so I am very happy that very soon I will have an opportunity to read "Midnight's kiss" by Thea Harrison :)

And of course let us not forget about new addition to the Guardians of eternity series by Alexandra Ivy, "When darkness ends"... I don't know about you, but I can't wait to read the story of smoothtalking Cyn ;) plus, her books are always funny and sexy... just a perfect read for warmer days that are just ahead of us :)

As you probably know, thanks to my recent review of "Revenant" I am a big fan of  Larissa Ione and her Demonica series... so I just had to put in here a novella that is gonna be published in "1001 dark nights" anthology... "Hades"... ;) come on... that name alone gives you chills... ;) no...? Just me...? Oh well.... ;) that is not a problem, I'm just gonna sit here and drool all over myself waiting for the story of a fallen angel with a blue mohawk ;)

I have to admit, my to-be-read pile just keeps getting bigger and bigger instead of smaller... it's like I read one book and in the same time add another four... but I love it ;)



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