Thursday, March 12, 2015

Review: "Rock hard" by Nalini Singh

Author: Nalini Singh 
Title: "Rock hard" 
Book 2 of the series Rock kiss 
Main characters: Charlotte "Charlie" Baird and Gabriel "T-Rex" Bishop

I have to admit... I devoured this book in two days... and it took me that much time only because I had previous stuff that I couldn't cancel... ;) damn it, why did I read it so fast?!? Don't answer that, it's a rhetorical question... ;)  Because it was absolutely perfect, that's why... ;) and I just could not put it down... ;)

The book was absolutely, utterly perfect... I would not change a thing... well... maybe add a few more chapters, but that's only because I never have enough when it goes to miss Singh writing style and stories that she's telling... I love it :) This book was funny, sexy, adorable, romantic, cute, hot, smart, witty and a lot more adjectives that would take too much space to write them all in here :) but then again, I'm never disappointed when I read one of Nalini Singh books... each and every one of her stories is like a meeting with a wonderful friend... sometimes one that you already know, and sometimes with someone new, who surprises you in a most wonderful way :)

The main characters are fantastic, but then again, it's no surprise for me in Nalini Singh books ;) Charlie is a strong woman, especially after suffering through something horrible in her past. And I'm very glad that she gets to find her happy ending (because let's not kid ourselves that it's gonna end with anything else but a happy end ;) and it's no spoiler at all ;D ) with Gabriel... sigh... ;) give me a moment while I put myself together... ;) Gabriel is... he's just swoonworthy... I can't write anything more about him, cause I'm afraid that I'm gonna daydream again and drool all over myself in the process ;) Nalini, why are you doing this to us?!? ;) there are no men like that in the real world... and if they are, can someone point me in the right direction? Pretty please :) Plus, his family is just amazing... I really hope that we will have the opportunity to read their stories some day :)

Maybe I sound overly enthusiastic for some people, but this book was that good... :) but I don't care, I'm gonna go even further... ;) so OMG (I know I'm not 12 anymore, so I should not use this, but again, I don't care ;D ) you have to read it :) it will bring an incredible smile on your face and become instantly one of you favorite read-it-when-I-have-a-bad-day kind of a book :)



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