Sunday, March 22, 2015

Review: "Marked" by Elisabeth Naughton


Title: "Marked" 
Book 1 of series Eternal guardians 
Main characters: Casey and Theron

This is the first book by Elisabeth Naughton that I had the pleausure to read and I have to say I was not disappointed. It's sort of an urban paranormal romance... with a mythology twist :) we meet the main characters in a very exciting place... a strip club :) and from that interesting place stuff just keeps getting better and better ;)

I don't want to spoil too much of the details of what's happening when, because it would definitely ruin some great moments, but I will tell you this... there is some very good world building in this book... we don't know much from the start and it's a plus because of two reasons... first, we are not overwhelmed with too much complicated details in the first 50 pages... you know that feeling? When you have to go back to those pages ten times because you just can't remember all the rules and names... because I hate it ;) and second, I really loved the fact that we were discovering this whole new world along with Casey... thanks to that she felt more genuine in her reactions... and I felt more connected to her :) and I really like how the relationship between the characters was building through time... and not like oh-my-I-just-saw-you-across-the-room-so-we-belong-together-till-the-end-of-time sort of thing... because in most cases that is just totally unbelievable to me... sure, give me werewolves, vampires, descendants of mythological heroes and immortals... I will read about it without a hesitation, but I have a problem with a quick relationship ;) and because in this book we meet so much more characters that will definitely have their stories (they will, I checked ;D ) now I'm even more curious... ;) especially since I have no idea how in the world some of these people will come together... :) but those kind of stories, if written right, are the best... :)

The best way for me to describe to you my feelings about this book is to compare it to meeting a new person... at first, you're careful... you don't know if you're going to like this one... will you get along? Or maybe it will just be awkward and disappointing so you're gonna have to pretend to have a family emergency and just escape through the bathroom window ;) but in this case it was a great connection and we hit it off from the start :) so I will absolutely want to meet with this one again :) so it's very good that more books are already available :)



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