Saturday, March 14, 2015

A little dream come true... that I didn't know I had ;)

When I started this blog a few months ago I did it for me. I love books and I wanted to write about it and share my love of them with others... but I never expected that people will actually read it ;) I know, it's a contradiction, but I never said it's a logical feeling... ;) I think it started when I posted about it a few times on facebook :) and slowly, day by day... I can see that people all over the world are reading it... well it's not like hundreds or thousands, just a few here and there, but hey, you have to start somewhere :)

You have no idea what an amazing feeling it is, when I log in and see that someone in Spain or Canada, or Ireland, or Australia saw my blog :) it brings this huge smile on my face, to know that someone actually read some of my posts :) it gives me this positive energy to write even more :) so I wanted to thank you so so so much :) and I hope that you will help me and spread the word about this if you like it :) and feel free to leave a comment :)

And that is not even the best part :) I was feeling brave and particularly proud of a review of Nalini Singh "Rock hard" book (plus it's just an awesome book, that everyone should read ;D ). So I decided to post about it with a link to my blog on Nalini Singh facebook. Can you imagine my surprise when the next day she posted a reply? A reply that actually showed that she read it :) I was over the moon :) it made my day :) I always imagined that she is nice and this amazing person, because she writes fantastic books and I can see that she has this awesome interactions with her readers but still :) just a few words, and it made a huge difference for me... ;) so excuse me for a moment, while I do my happy dance :)

As a bonus I have to share with you a fabulous cover of Nalini Singh next Guild hunter book that she unveiled today... it's just perfect... I think it's the best one yet... and it fits so perfectly to the main character... can't wait to get to know more about Naasir ;)



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