Thursday, February 19, 2015

Review: "The hook up" by Kristen Callihan

Book 1 of the series: Game on
Main characters: Anna Jones and Drew Baylor

Main characters are both seniors in college. We meet them at the beginning of their last year, during one of their classes. There is definitely very hot chemistry between them from the start, but she doesn't want anything from him, since he's a star quarterback, and a very popular guy around campus, so she feels it's not gonna turn into anything serious, so why bother? He does not share her opinion, so, as the title of the series suggests, the game is on ;D

This is a straight up romance. No paranormal elements... no fantasy creatures... no crime solving teenagers running around in shorts... :) but it's a sizzling hot, exceptionally well written romance... I had a big smile over my face for most of the book (most, because there are some serious moments) because of this witty banter between main characters. Anna is not some stupid, shallow girl, she's smart, even though she's not very confident... but the conversations between Anna and Drew... my oh my... they are brilliant :) 

And did I mention this a sizzling hot romance...? :) Because I do mean it's hot... like I-don't-recommend-to-read-it-in-a-public-transportation kind of hot... because believe will squirm in your seat... and blush... and start to wonder, what the hell happened that it just got so much hotter in here... :) so it's hot, but not in a vulgar kind of way... hey, I'm totally not judging, but when I read a romance... I want to feel the chemistry... and heat... but I definitely do not want to feel like I'm reading creepy porn... :) but that's just my opinion :) 

A big plus of the book is something, that I'm usually against, the dual perspective of writing. We get a chapter, or part of a chapter, from Anna's perspective, and then from Drew's. It rarely works for me, because it's hard to do it well. Sometimes one perspective feels forced, and for me as a reader, it's like a scratch on the board with nails... annoying as hell... I get bored, or angry, for interrupting the part that I'm really interested in... but that is so not the case here... :) both perspectives are written so gooooood... :) I definitely wasn't bored, or angry when I got to sneak inside of Anna's and then Drew's mind :)

Although the book is the first one in a series, you can read it as a standalone. There is even a cute little epilogue in the end, so you are satisfied :) We do get to know characters that can potentially get their stories (and some of them definitely will, since the second book should come out this spring, and third in the end of the year). I'm absolutely, impatiently waiting on the edge of my seat for the next installment, to see if the author can catch my attention that well for the second time :)

Last but not least, as a little nod to my little sister (who is younger just by 2,5 years, but I will still call her that when we are old and gray :D ) who suggested this idea to me, a few quotes to bring a smile on your face :) it's just from the prologue, because believe me, it just gets better and better, and when I tried to find something from like the middle of the book, or at least a chapter 7 or something, I kind of read a few chapters again and lost track of time, so it's too dangerous for me to go back :) you just have to take my word for it and give it a try :)

When Anna meets Drew for the first time and stands across from him: 
Annoyed, I straighten my shoulders and force myself to look aloof. Shit, what does "aloof" look like?

When Drew calls her in that same scene a "Big Red" (I know, "big", really? :) awesome pick up line):
I ought to walk away, but I've worked myself into a lather now. "I mean 'Red'? Seriously?"
He just gapes at me. This time dumbfounded, as if he can't believe some mental chick is berating him.
"Why not be original?" I go on as if I'm not mental. "Why not call me Blondie?"
White teeth flash in a quick smile. "An esoteris approach, eh? Could work. Though it veers a bit too much toward sarcasm for my taste."

At least he knows how bad that was ;) :
Yeah. Shoot me now. What the holy hell had I done? What the fuck did 'Big Red' even mean? My min screamed, Do something, you idiot! Apologize! Retreat! I swear I could practically hear an alarm blaring, a call to activate shields and arm the photon torpedoes.



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