Saturday, February 7, 2015

PBD (Post Book Depression) ;)

Wind is just howling outside my window... I think that there's also snow involved, but it moves too fast, so you can't really see clearly... :) so in other words it's the best weather to curl up under a blanket, espacially a blanket with sleeves ;) and read... :) not that I need an excuse ;)

Today I want to write just a little bit about PBD :) PBD (Post Book Depression) is a term that I recently read about on someones facebook page :) it's definition is something like this: "it's a sad feeling, that you get, after finishing a good book" and I have to say, that I fealt really good when I read it... I thought, finally... someone put a name to that feeling that I know all too well :)

It hits me especially after reading an amazing book, with a paranormal or fantasy vibe... when the world inside of it is that much different than mine... when that kind of a book is well written, it swallows you whole... so that you completely forget about all that surrounds you... until the very last page... and then comes the rude awakening... what?!? I have to go back to my normal life...?!? But how?? How is it possible....?? That feeling of course slowly vanishes over time... or when you start to read another great book and you immerse yourself into another world :)

I didn't want to give any examples today, just wanted to share with you a name for that feeling, that we, readers, all know... maybe it will put a smile on your faces, as it did with me :)



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