Monday, January 19, 2015

Review: "Soulless" by Gail Carriger

As I mentioned earlier, when I'm gonna write a review there won't be any doubt, that it's a review :) But first, a few words... I will try my best to be precise, but to not spoil anything :) I won't use any system of stars or "thumbs up" or anything like that :) Why? Because in my opinion there is a difference between a 5 star romance and a 5 star fantasy book, or a 5 star paranormal thriller :) you can't use a system to compare different kinds of books :) so I'm gonna give you the basic informations, and my honest opinion and impression of the book :)

So... for my first review I've chosen this book, but solely because I've just finished it and it's still fresh in my mind :)


Author: Gail Carriger
Title: "Soulless"
Book 1 in series: Parasol protectorate
Main character: Alexia Tarabotti

This book is a delectable combination between a Victorian era and all it's social rules, balls and beautiful gowns, a paranormal kind of a book, with the werevolwes, vampires and ghosts, with a twist of romance steampunk :) Alexia Tarabotti is the main character in all of the books. She is a preternatural, a being without soul, which comes with an interesting kind of ability :) The book starts with a ball, on which our heroine accidently kills a vampire in a library :) That leads to the appearance of lord Maccon, who is brought to investigate the whole incident and who just happens to be a werewolf alpha :) as it turns out, this one rouge vampire attack is just the tip of an iceberg, when the investigation uncovers more and more mysterious events. But don't worry, you get more answers than questions at the end of the book (I, personally, hate it when the situation is reversed, when you get one piece of information and 50 new questions and you are more confused than satisfied at the end).

I really enjoyed this book. It was entertaining, funny and written in such a way, that when I just opened it to read a chapter or two, before I knew it, I was already on chapter 5 :) The chemistry between Alexia and lord Maccon is not pushy, and I, as a reader, enjoyed their confrontations and arguments :)

But I think the main advantage of this book is the heroine. Alexia is smart (in a house full of idiots), witty, funny and sarcastic. She is not classically beautiful, at least not in the eyes of the english society, because she's half italian :) She is very well educated (because she loves to read) and she's not afraid to show how much she knows (but not in an arogant way). She knows and accepts herself.

But I think that I loved the most, that she's very brave, but not in a stupid kind of way. You know what I mean? Like a character from a horror movie, a girl, who runs around in a flimsy pajama, hides in the attic instead of running outside to get help, and when she hears something in a dark room, she asks "Is anybody out there?" Like the murderer is gonna answer her "Yeah, it's me, the killer. I'm in the kitchen. You want a sandwich?" :) No, Alexia is brave in a very smart way. She knows what she's capable of, and she doesn't place herself in unnecessary danger. But when something is happening, she tries to stay cool and use all of her skills and knowledge to get herself out of that situation.

So if you like witty women with brains and not just a pretty face, I absolutely recommend you this book :)



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