Thursday, January 15, 2015

Mesmerizing words

Did you ever came across a book that grabbed you from the first page and didn't let go...? A book that you just couldn't put down...? A book that spoke to you in a way that surprised you...? Of course not literally spoke to you, that would be weird... :) unless we are talking about books for kids, that when you open them, there's like a song or something like that... ;) But back to my original point... :) Some time ago I came across that kind of a book. It was "Shatter me" by Tahereh Mafi.

I was... actually shocked, in the way that that book spoke to me... I felt, like I was reading my own thoughts... The writing style of the author is different from everything that I've ever read, and that is saying something, cause I've read hundreds (if not thousands already ;D) books. And I have to admit, that not everybody will like it... but I was mesmerized... enchanted, really... from the very first page and sentence, to the very last one in the conclusion to this amazing trilogy.

The idea of crossing words was brilliant. It felt like I, as a reader, was given the privilege to see the most inner thoughts of Juliette, the main character of the story... I know what you might think, that we, as readers, are always given the privilege to know what goes on in the minds of the characters... but not in that kind of a way... I felt like I could see even the thoughts that she didn't wanna think... I could feel her inner conflict between what she felt and thought, and what she actually said out loud, or even just in her mind to herself... It was amazing to read, because I know that feeling... and to have a character that I could relate to in that way, was... surprising... I was surprised how much I bonded with her and her story... But it was a wonderful kind of a surprise... like come-to-the-bookstore-and-get-a-free-set-of-books kind of wonderful :)

I read that some people complain about the ending... that it ended too soon, and that they don't know what is gonna happen next (I'm trying not to write too much, and not to spoil anything) with the characters. But I think that it ended perfectly... to me, the story was always about Juliette and her path, her change, her decisions... and when you look at it that way, then the trilogy ended in the perfect moment :)

Plus, let's not forget about the beautiful covers of the series :) I know that we do not judge book by it's cover, and I'm not :) I just like to show you an example of perfect mix between the contents of the books, and their covers :)

I know, that I didn't really write too much (or anything at all ;D) about what the books are about, but today I wanted to share with you just a feeling, that I hope everyone who loves books will feel one day... that magical feeling of finding a book, that will stay with you for a very long time... :)

When I will write an actual review, you will know :) It will be clearly stated and there will be a lot more details... :)



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