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Books I can't wait to get my hands on ;) january edition

Hello my awesome people... ;) it is this time of the month again... when I share with you books that I just can't wait to read... :) and this time there is only two of them... but what a treat they both are... ;) seriously, I have a really hard time deciding which one I'm looking forward to more... ;) but I think I have to go with...

"Happily ever ninja" by the amazing Penny Reid :) seriously, this woman has the most awesome, smart and quirky writing style I've ever read... and I absolutely love it :) she writes contemporary romances and her books are always funny and sweet and sexy and just hilarious ;) you have to check her out... :) and more about that in a moment ;) this particular book, that I'm gonna devour when I get my hands on it, is book #5 in Knitting in the city series :) but all her books can be read as standalones... and I am looking to this one, cause it will be different than her other books... although to be honest I can say that about all her books... each and every one of them have a different feel to it and yet you can see her hand and heart in all of them which make them that much special... <sigh> but back to this one... it's gonna be about a married couple and I can't wait to read it and share with you my feelings in a review... especially since I'm gonna have a very cool announcement about it... but I'm gonna wait till the review to write you all about it... but I'm super excited ;)

The second and last book that I can't wait to read is "The score" by Elle Kennedy, book #3 in Off-campus series, a NA romance with a bit of a hockey theme in it :) and don't worry it has no unnecessary angst and drama that you can sometimes find in those books about college kids ;) when something is happening, it is happening for very good reasons... believe me... ;) I loved the first two books in this series and have very high hopes when it comes to the story of Dean ;) and from what I heard so far from people who read ARCs... those lucky bastards... ;) it's absolutely worth it.... :) but I'm definitely waiting to see it for my own eyes... and then to immediately share with you guys my opinion in a review ;) and I will add something that we are all thinking... those covers are definitely drawing attention to the books... am I right? ;)

Both authors that I'm writing about today have an excellent writing style and the ability to create compelling stories and fantastic characters... and to make you even more curious about those books, I'm gonna leave you here links to the reviews I wrote of their other books ;) so first we have Elle Kennedy and her previous Off-campus books :) so here's my review of book #1 that I loved so much... I think I see a re-read in the near future ;) and here's book #2, a great addition to the series :) and now for the amazing Penny Reid :) here's the links to the reviews of the fantastic previous Knitting in the city books :) book #1, book #2, book #3 and this one is my favourite of them all... <sigh> Alex... ;) and book #4 :) she also wrote a great NA romance, and you can find my review here :) and let's not forget about the beginning of yet another awesome series, Winston brothers... I dare you not to fall in love with Jessica after reading the quotes I used in my review, that you can find here :) and last but not least, she co-wrote the most funny book I read recently called "The hooker and the hermit" ;) I dare you to read my review and say that you are not curious about it... ;) you can find it here :) and don't worry, even though when I wrote my review I didn't have that information, but now I know for sure that there will be more books after that one, so it's officially the first book of a series :) I hope I gave you enough cool stuff to read and I'll talk to you again in january ;)



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Review: "Married by morning" by Lisa Kleypas

Author: Lisa Kleypas
Book 4 in series The Hathaways
Main characters: Leo Hathaway and Catherine Marks

If someone would say to me, when I started reading this series that I would love Leo so much, I would probably laugh in their face... ;) why, you ask? I will gladly answer that... :) when I met Leo in book #1 I didn't like him at all... I will dive into more details about it in a moment... but that is why his transformation between that first book and his own story is so amazing... :) becasue now I am absolutely in love with him... :) so that is yet another magical ability of Lisa Kleypas... ;) she just keep making me love her even more with each new book I read... ;) with all her smart, sarcastic and funny dialogues... swoonworthy heroes and their declarations... <sigh> and that sensual and yet hot as hell seduction... :) what's not to love? ;)

So let's talk more about our main couple... I already mentioned Leo's transformation... I have to admit, that I really didn't like him... I mean, I understand why he was in such a state at that time... he was grieving after losing his fiancee, but he was behaving in a pretty self-destructing way... not only towards himself, but also his family... that's why I really loved the time jump in book #2 :) in the two years he spent with his sister Win in France he changed a lot... time spent outdoors, exercises and drinking less gave us all a chance to see the real Leo... and he is quite a charmer... ;) he's very smart and witty, with a sarcastic sense of humor :) he often plays the role of aristocratic rake, that doesn't really care about things, and treat nothing seriously, but it is just a pose... I love seeing the glimpses of the true Leo... :) and Catherine... we also met her in book #2 :) she is a companion to Poppy and Beatrix, the youngest Hathaway sisters, and she does her best to teach them how to behave in a more aristocratic society... :) she wears spectacles, and is half blind without them... I can certainly relate to that ;) and ties her hair in a very tight bun... she tries her best to stay in the background and do not draw attention to herself... you can deduce pretty quickly that she is hiding from something... or someone... and that assumption is correct ;) she is also extremely smart and there is much more to her that just this proper and official exterior that she presents to the world :)

This book starts when Catherine has already been working for the Hathaway family for about three years... the last one of them with Leo back in England... the only problem with this situation is that from the moment she met him, she instantly disliked him... and I have to add, without any fault of his own... :) at least at the beginning... ;) because when you are faced with such a nasty attitude, what else can you do after trying to take the high road several times? :) according to Leo the answer is: try to annoy the hell of the other side of this conflict... ;) so they engage in this back-and-forth full of insults and sarcastic-double-meaning comments... and since it is a romance, we all know how that will end... ;) after about a year of it, one kiss changes it all... ;) after that, Leo kind of can't stay away from her... ;) because it's obvious that there is this attraction between them... and it definitely make things interesting... :) and let me tell you... once those doors are open... there is no going back... :) cause it is pretty obvious that this animosity was hiding something more... a mutual attraction between them... ;) and after that one kiss... sparks fly in every direction... :)

As for the secondary characters, I am pleased to say that again we see all the Hathaway siblings and their significant others... :) and they are truly a very charming bunch :) I love how devoted they are to each other, how much love there is between them... :) and because of that they do spend a huge amount of time together :) I can't believe that there is only one more book after this one before this series ends... cause I'm definitely not ready to say goodbye... :)

I can't really say much about what happens in the actual book, cause I don't want to spoil you anything... so let me just say this... :) we do get to know Catherine and her story... and even if you can figure some of it out before, this book still have some super surprising twists and turns along the way... :) not to mention sarcastic dialogue... my favourite kind, to be honest... ;) and lots of "aaawww...." moments ;) I love how she pushes him to be a better version of himself... not by demanding anything, but just by being herself... :) and who doesn't love an adorable epilogue...? ;) the short answer is: everyone... me especially... ;) but I think that my favourite scenes are those, when he checks her higher brain functions after a kiss... ;) cause she claims that kisses don't have any effect on her... and he proves her wrong... every time... ;)

I have for you way to many quotes today but I simply could not choose any less ;) so you can see not only the main couple but also the fantastic dynamics in the Hathaway family :) and if that won't convince you to read this book I don't know what will ;) happy reading :)

The very beginning of the book ;)
"Anyone who had ever read a novel knew that governesses were supposed to be meak and downtrodden. They were also supposed to be quiet, subservient, and obedient, not to mention deferential to the master of the house. Leo, Lord Ramsay, wondered in exasperation why they couldn't have gotten one of those. Instead the Hathaway family hired Catherine Marks, who, in Leo's opinion, cast an unflattering shadow upon the entire profession."

Something between Leo and Cat ;)
"'So you actually need spectacles,' Leo finally said.
'Of course I do,' Marks said crossly. 'Why would I wear spectacles if I didn't need them?'
'I thought they might be part of your disguise.'
'My disguise?'
'Yes, Marks, disguise. A noun describing a means of concealing someone's identity. Often used by clowns and spies. And now apparently governesses.'"

Leo and Harry, his brother-in-law ;)
"'Cat went for the interview, Cam and Amelia liked her, Beatrix and Poppy clearly needed her, and no one seemed inclined to question her lack of experience.'
'Of course not,' Leo said acidly. 'My family would never bother with something so insignificant as job experience. I'm sure they started the interview by asking what her favorite color was.'"

Cat and Leo, after she helps him :)
"'Have I thanked you yet,' he asked, 'for hauling me out of the ruins?'
'No thanks are necessary.'
'All the same... thank you.' Lifting one of her hands, he cradled her palm against his cheek while his eyes remained closed. 'My guardian angel,' he said, the words beginning to slur. 'I don't think I ever had one until now.'
'If you did,' she said, 'you probably ran too fast for her to keep up with you.'"

A little banter between Leo, Merripen and Cam, his other brothers-in-law when they tend to his wounds ;)
"'Aren't you going to sacrifice a goat or perform a tribal dance?' Leo asked woozily. 'Or at least chant something?'
'We did all that downstairs,' Cam said. He handed a piece of leather strap to Leo. 'Put this between your teeth. And try not to make too much noise while we're working on you. My son is napping.'
'Before I put this in my mouth,' Leo said, 'you might tell me the last place it's been.' He paused. 'On second thought... never mind. I don't want to know.' He put the strap between his teeth, then removed it temporarily to add, 'I'd rather you didn't amputate anything.'
'If we do,' Merripen said, swabbing carefully around the injured shoulder, 'it won't be intentional.'"

And another one with Leo and Cat ;)
"'I've never hated you.'
Leo stared at her closely, more than a little surprised by the revelation. 'You haven't?'
'No. In fact...' she broke off abruptly.
'In fact?' Leo prompted. 'What were you going to say?'
'You were. Something along the lines of liking me against your will.'
'Certainly not,' Catherine said primly, but Leo saw the twitch of a smile at her lips.
'Irresistibly attracted by my dashing good looks?' he suggested. 'My fascinating conversation?'
'No, and no.'
'Seduced by my brooding glances?' He accompanied this with a waggish swerving of his brows that finally reduced her to laughter.
'Yes, it must have been those.'"

Part of the conversation between Leo and his sister, Amelia :)
"We should all go,' Amelia declared.
'No,' Leo said grimly. 'I'm going alone. When I catch up with Marks, you won't want to be there.'
'Leo,' Amelia asked suspiciously, 'what are you planning to do to her?'
'Why do you always insist on asking questions when you know you won't like the answers?'
'Because, being an optimistic,' she said tartly, 'I always hope I'm wrong.'"

And the last one with Leo and Cat ;)
"'Don't try to be charming,' she muttered. 'There's nothing more annoying than someone trying to make one feel better when one wants to wallow.'
Leo bit back a grin. 'I'm sorry,' he said contritely. 'Go on and wallow. You were doing so well at it until I interrupted.'
'Thank you.' She heaved a sigh and waited a moment. 'Blast,' she finally said, 'I can't do it now.'"



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Review: "Taking shots" by Toni Aleo

Author: Toni Aleo
Book 1 in series Assassins
Main characters: Shea Adler and Eleanor "Elli" Fisher

Ok, guys... it's really weird for me to write this review... and hard... because it's the first time, since I started doing this officially on my blog, when I will write that I don't recommend this book to you, cause I didn't like it... and I'm not really sure how to proceed with everything... I've tried to write it three times already, so maybe the fourth one will be the charm... ;) but I have to say, that it is my first review when I have to constantly erase stuff and write it again because I can't seem to make up my mind how to put my thoughts into words... :) so I'm just gonna go ahead and try to explain to you why this book started out really great, and then took a dive right into "never again" category... so it may be a little different that what I usually write, but just go with me :)

Our main couple is Elli, a photographer, and Shea, team captain of the Assassins, a hockey team from Nashville... Elli is a huge hockey fan, and guess who is her favourite player? :) she even named her dog after him, a lovely, although slightly big pug, Adler :) she has her own business, which is doing really great and a bunch of friends... but she's very insecure about herself and the way she looks... and although I can understand why many people thought that this was annoying, I didn't have a problem with that... at least in the beginning... because it is very easy to judge, when you are in a good place in your life, or if you were surrounded by positive people in your life... but after what she went through with her family (more about that in a bit) and her ex I can't really blame her for feeling that way... or for doubting Shea and his interest in her... and about Shea... <sigh> he's really dreamy... his got tattoos, a body to die for and he wears glasses... which I find very hot on a guy ;) he's patient and understanding and all that... he gives her time and seduces her without pressuring her into anything... but it all starts to go into this unbelievable category at some point... and I know that we are talking about fictional characters in a romance book, but hey... you have to draw the line somewhere :)

She catches his eye on the team photoshoot and from that moment he is smitten with her... and it only grows stronger with each date... but while he starts to fall for her, she constantly doubts herself and his intentions, because what can he possibly see in such a fat cow as her? her words, not mine... so he gives her time and constant assurances how beautiful she is to him and how much he enjoy their time together... and this dynamic didn't bother me at all at the beginning... first of all, because if suddenly a sexy as hell hockey player would follow me around I would be insecure about my little things too ;) and second of all, after the awful way her ex has been treating her, and the way her mother still treats her... I am talking about constant talk to loose weight and all sorts of condescending and horrible comments, I would be hesitant too... but after some time it gets really old... and it starts to get really annoying... I mean freaking out after weeks of going out, about your guy seeing a stretch mark on your stomach... <gasps> oh, the horror... <--- that was sarcasm, by the way :) I feel the need to point it out, since I can't read you my review personally, so you might miss it without the ability to hear my voice ;) and don't get me wrong, I have my insecurities too but come on... enough is enough... and it's especially annoying since she has also this really fun and sassy side that I loved... and then suddenly it's like you flip a switch... and she goes to this insecure little girl freaking out over a sliver of skin...

I have to say that I really enjoyed the secondary characters in this book :) Grace, twin sister of Shea was super fun :) not to mention Ellie's friend and co-worker Harper, who by the way has her own little story with Jakob, Shea's teammate... and their story is actually really cool, I'd love to be able to read more about it, but they get their own little happy ending in this one, so that's not gonna happen... which is a shame considering how long this book is... because you could easily edit out like 20% of it without hurting the plot whatsoever... but I was doing ok, I was reading it, and even though it would never be a fantastic book I was still curious about the rest of the series... until something happened... and at this point I'm giving you a warning, the rest of this paragraph WILL BE full of SPOILERS so if you don't want to know the details, skip to the next one... ok, ready? it's your last chance to avoid SPOILERS :) ok, so my biggest problem came towards the end... we all know that there has to be some drama before the big happy ending, and I'm used to it by now... but what really pissed me off is how it was handled here... they were dating for about six months, living together and everything, and all was going so well... I really thought that they both matured and move forward... but then we got to the "drama" part of the book... long story short, her sister was helping him with something and when they got home to the apartment, she kissed him and then promptly slapped him for coming onto her... and of course all of that so Elli could see it... and she immediately freaked out, grabbed her stuff, moved out and denied any contact with him for like two months... not to mention that she slapped him, when he tried to stop her, so they could talk about it... and I would really try to understand this reaction if she would have a good relationship with her sister... or even an ok one... but no... her sister was a truly awful human being throughout the whole book... she insulted Elli on every occasion she got, so why Elli immediately assumed it was Shea who was guilty is beyond me... after all her growth as a character she came back to square one in a second... and after that I was so angry that I barely flipped through the rest of the book to see how it will end...

I hope you all know that this is my personal opinion, and I read many others who claim it's the best book ever and they will be re-reading it from time to time... and that's totally ok, I have no problem with it... just don't make me do it ;) my biggest problem with this book was the bad writing style... because when I start to edit stuff in my mind while I'm reading that is not a good sign... and at first I was thinking that maybe I had a bad day or something, but then I had to edit some other review and that included quotes from another book, which were awesome :) so it just proved that it was the book that was the problem... add to that all the things I mentioned in my review and I will not be going back to this series or this author ever again... I have way to many other books to check out, or so many others that I loved and would like to re-read at some point :) so if you are looking for some sports themed books, instead of this one I would like to point you in the direction of some others ;) if you want NA hockey series, go check out Off-campus series, where book #1 is to die for ;) if you prefer some NA / contemporary football, Game on series is the way to go :) if you want some contemporary hockey romance, Cold fury hockey series is absolutely amazing :) and if you can't decide on one sport, check out Play by play series :) all of them have fantastic writing styles, hilarious and emotional moments in them and awesome characters... :) so whatever you choose, it will be definitely a time better spent, than hours you would waste on reading this one... ;)



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Review: "Hearts of blue" by L. H. Cosway

Author: L. H. Cosway
Book 4 in series Hearts
Main characters: Lee Cross and Karla Sheehan

I swear to you people... L. H. Cosway wants to kill me with those heroes... ;) first she gave me a charismatic and charming as hell illusionist... then she gave me a mysterious knife thrower and fire breather... if that would not be enough, next she gave me a piano playing businessman with a body to die for... and now she's giving me parkour?!? PARKOUR!!! can you make them any more sexy?!? it's like you read my mind... ;) I am gonna die from hotness overload... ;) and it's not just Lee... there are four brothers in this family... FOUR :) I swear, it's like Winston brothers series all over again... when I read one story and then proceed to die a little bit with each and every day, waiting for the next story... ;) ok, that may have been a little bit dramatic, but this book was really that good... :)

Before I'll dive into this one, let me tell you a thing or two about the whole series... :) they are all contemporary romances that can be read as standalones :) I always encourage you to read series in order, cause then when previous couples appear it has more meaning to you, but you get all the informations you need in every book, so you can read them as you want ;) they are all connected more or less with each other, but as I said, all the informations that you need to enjoy a book can be found inside it, so no previous knowledge is necessary :) but as a person who read all of them in order, I have to say that some scenes have more meaning and are just... better ;) when you know more about people in it :) but the choice is yours ;) now let's talk more about this particular one... ;)

Karla is a friend and roommate of Alexis, heroine from the previous book... and a little warning here, if you haven't read the story of Alexis and Oliver, you may find some spoilers about stuff that happens with them in this one... but nothing that will ruin the pleasure of reading their story later ;) she is also a police constable :) this is especially important, when you take into consideration that Lee is... standing kind of on the other side of the law... ;) he's this smooth-talking-charming-your-pants-off-before-you-know-what-happened guy and I loved him from the beginning :) and those tattoos... ;) they both have strong personalities so I was very curious how their story would go.... and I was not disappointed :)

There is definitely chemistry between them from the beginning, even though she tries to hide it... she has very good reasons for this, but I can't blame her for finally succumbing to his charms... ;) but what I love the most about this book is that there is no easy way to judge who is right and who is wrong... because the further we go into the book and the more we get to know about all of them, the more clear is the fact, that nothing is as simple as it seem... not to mention that they are absolutely awesome together... I mean the text messages between them alone are... just... ugh, I can't say anything more... you'll see for yourself ;)

As I mentioned before, we have four Cross brothers :) and Lee is just the beginning :) he's the second oldest Cross, but he's the head of the family :) throughout the whole book, we get to know a bit more about all his brothers, and those little glimpses makes it that much harder to wait for their own books :) fortunately Stu (the oldest one) is next, with Trevor (brother #3) later and hopefully Liam (the youngest one) not far behind ;) and I can't decide which story I'm most curious about... cause I want to read ALL of them right now ;) there were more secondary characters in this book, and they were written really good, but I'm sorry... the Cross brothers got my whole attention and I regret nothing ;)

The whole book (besides the epilogue) was written from Karla's point of view and I have to admit that I wished that I could get inside of Lee's mind... but it was the only thing that would make this book even better than it already was ;) all of the rest was there... :) fantastic style of writing... captivating story, where actions had actual consequences and nothing was magically resolved overnight... and those characters... <sigh> Lee stole my heart ;) and as a bonus L. H. Cosway posted a scene from Lee's perspective on her blog :) I'm not surprised that fans picked this particular blackout scene... ;) you'll understand it once you read the book ;) but I do advise you to check it out after you read the book... or at least the part of the book with this scene ;) here's the link ;) I would love to say more, but I really don't want to spoil anything for you, so I'm just gonna say... go and read it now :) cause she did an amazing job... again... ;) and wrote a book that will definitely leave an impression ;) so I hope you'll give it a try ;)

Here's only some of the fantastic quotes, cause believe me, this book is filled with them :) I tried to pick not too spoilerific ones, so enjoy ;) happy reading

When Karla comes home and finds Alexis face down on the couch ;)
"'Man, the couch must smell really good,' I commented dryly as I came in and set the bag of Chinese takeout on the coffee table. 'Can I get a whiff? I love a good couch-sniffing session.'
'I'm not sniffing the couch,' Alexis whined before sitting up and shooting me the stink-eye. 'I was trying to convey my complete and utter sense of loneliness and despair. You know, like performance art, but shittier.'"

Karla and Lee at the beginning ;) Karla first
"'Take your hands off me right now or I'll arrest you,' I ordered, my tone harsh.
Seconds passed, like he was deliberating over what to do. Then he released me, but not before delivering a final statement, 'One day, Karla, you'll understand that me having my hands on you is never a bad thing.'"

When Karla describes her ex :)
"I'd broken up with him for two reasons. One, he'd been a controlling fuckwad, and two, I'd caught him shagging another woman - on my birthday, in the ladies' bathroom of the club where my party was being held. Nothing like a bit of adultery on your birthday to make you feel like truly celebrating - that was sarcasm, by the way."

Her thoughts on Lee ;)
"I couldn't seem to get away from him. Only yesterday I'd seen him at the football match, and now he was attending my gym. Some higher being was seriously trying to test my willpower. It was too ridiculous for words. So ridiculous that my feet were suddenly glued to the spot as I watched him throw a punch. He wore protective gear, of course, but he had no top on. I repeat: Lee Cross was just yards away from me, wearing no top."

Karla and Lee ;)
'Hmmm,' he mimicked, a grin shaping his lips as he leaned down, his hand braced against the door above my head. 'Miss Sheehan, do you think I'm stalking you?'
Involuntarily, I snorted, and subsequently flushed with embarrasment. Staring at the floor, I muttered, 'My ego's not that big.'
I felt his breath whisper across my skin when he replied, 'It's a good thing mine is.' His wink told me he wasn't talking about his ego."

Another one with Lee and Karla... one of many reasons why I love him... :)
His mouth moved against my hair. 'What is it, Karla?'
'Why are you hugging me?'
'You looked like you needed to be held.'"

One more with Karla and Lee ;) Karla first
"'I practice eskrima, but no, I don't think us training together would be a good idea.'
'Yeah, you're right. All those hormones and sweat flying around, who knows what might happen.' He looked away, smiling into his pint glass.
'You just can't help being a tease, can you?'
He turned back to me and shook his head. 'Not with you, babe.'"

Karla and Lee talking on the phone ;)
"'I'm going to put you on speaker for a minute because I have to change out of my uniform.'
I heard him groan. 'Forget talking on the phone. I should come over.'
I laughed. 'Nice try.'
'No joke. I can be there in fifteen minutes, maybe less.'
'You're incorrigible.'
'Oh, that's fightin' talk. Where'd you learn those fancy words, Constable?'
'Lee, you're flirting again. Quit it or I'll hang up.'
'Okay, no need for drastic measures. I'll behave.'
A quiet fell as I pulled off my shirt and tie, then unbuckled my belt.
'So, are you naked yet?'"

And the last one, this time with Karla and Trevor :)
"My unlikely companion was on his phone again. It was starting to irritate me.
'Who are you texting so furiously?' I asked.
Trevor chuckled. 'I've never heard texting described as furious before. Do my fingers look angry or something?'"



Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Review: "Soulbound" by Kristen Callihan

Title: "Soulbound"
Book 6 in series Darkest London
Main characters: Adam and Eliza May

I have waited a bit with reading this book, even though I was very looking forward to do it... but it's only because it is a very specific kind of a story, and one have to be in a right mood to dive into a kind-of-a-mix-of-victorian-steampunk-paranormal-romance book ;) I was in a bit of a contemporary reading mood for a long time and I needed a change... the only problem with that, was that I knew I wanted to read something else... I just haven't got a clue what should that be ;) fortunately I remembered that this one have been patiently waiting for me and since it is a very unique blend of many genres I figured that now is a perfect time for it :)

What I love about this whole series, is that each and every book is different than the others... don't get me wrong, they create a beautiful story together, but each couple, their dynamic, the journey they have to go to their happy ever after, the main characters... all of that differ in each book... and I love that in a series :) that way each of us can find our own favourite story, while enjoying all of the rest as well :)

The downside of reading so many fantastic series of books is that at some point you have problems with remembering all the details, what happened when, and how did the last one ended... ;) at least I have that problem :) who knows, maybe you guys have a better memory than me ;) so of course I was a little bit afraid that I may have forgotten some important informations or characters ;) if you know that feeling, don't worry :) in this book we have a sentence or few here and there that helps to refresh our memory when it comes to people or events from previous books... and even if you don't remember every little detail, it does not take away the pleasure of reading this book :)

Now about that main couple... :) we met both of them before... :) Adam is the king and maker of GIM (ghost in machine) and a guy with a curse looking for his soulmate... yes, you guessed it, it's Eliza ;) and how does their first meeting goes you ask? it happens in... I wanna say the previous book...? I'm not sure... ;) and what Adam does? he chains Eliza to himself... and we all know how well that has to go... I mean, who wouldn't want to be magically chained to a man you don't know... ;) so they are not off to a great start... Eliza escapes him before the start of this book, but I can't tell you how... first of all, it would include some massive spoilers about characters and events from other books, and second of all... to be honest, I don't really remember all of the details... ;) it's just that I read a lot of books... so after some time, this stuff kind of flies out of my mind... it is not an infinite space after all ;) sometimes it's an upside, cause when I go back and re-read a book, it feels almost brand new... since I don't remember much ;) but back to the main couple... :) Adam and Eliza may start on a very rough grounds, but their relations slowly change... they are both proud, and not very good at expressing their thoughts out loud :)

Besides characters from previous books... and by that I mean people who already got their own book :) we get to see more of Sin... and know of course I have to get my hands on his and Layla's book :) I mean come on... I can't tell you what happens, cause it's too spoilerific ;) but let me just say that I'm gonna impatiently wait till the day this book will be published... :) I would really love to tell you more about certain characters or events, but everything that comes to my mind is absolutely too spoilerific, and if you are new to this series I don't want to ruin in for you :) so I'm only gonna add that you have to read all the books in order, cause they are connected to one antoher, and actions in one of them have consequences in others... and reading them in order is the best way to avoid spoilers ;)

I know that I usually have quotes for you guys, but I read it so fast that it actually slipped my mind to find them ;) because from the start we jump right into action and I was so curious about what's gonna happen next that I totally forgot to pay attention and find some quotes... :) I hope you can forgive me this time ;) all you need to know is that Kristen Callihan is a fantastic writer that creates stories and characters that makes you turn page after page to find out how it'll end :) so be sure to check her out :)



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Review: "The shameless hour" by Sarina Bowen

Author: Sarina Bowen
Book 4 in series The ivy years
Main characters: Rafael "Rafe" Santiago and Isabelle "Bella" Hall

This book, as all others in this series, was a pleasure to read... :) not only I love the characters from each story, there are always some really fun secondary characters who only add to the awesomeness that is this series... :) and to top that, Sarina Bowen has a really great style of writing, because each and every time, I have a really big problem with putting down her books when I have to go to sleep at night... I kid you not... it's always like "just one more chapter... no, it's already past midnight, go to sleep.... but... no, go to sleep... fine..." ;) but let's dive into this particular one with more details :) and as always, even though it's part of a series, and I always encourage you to read books in order for a little more depth and knowledge of the characters, you can read this as a standalone, cause all the informations that you need are in this book :)

Bella is a senior, a team manager for the hockey men team and just a super fun character... I read some opinions that people didn't like her, but I don't get that... :) I absolutely loved how fun, open and confident she is :) she likes sex and she doesn't hide that about her... and she shouldn't :) it's not like she cheats on her boyfriend or goes after guys that are taken or lies and tricks anyone... I love how honest she is... :) Rafe on the other hand is two years younger than her and has a totally different attitude... :) he's actually a virgin at the start of the book... he was raised by a single mother and her extended family who all run a dominican restaurant :) and it's not that he actively avoids sex... for him it's just something more... not just a hook up but he needs it to mean more... like in a relationship... :) he's absolutely charming, and sweet, and sexy as hell and I wanted to reach into the book and pull him out of there so I could have him all to myself... ;) especially since he has an accent and throws spanish words into conversations... <sigh> ;) the fact that I wouldn't understand a word, is not a problem to me... :) 

Besides the main characters, there are some familiar, as well as some new, faces to read about ;) we have guys from the hockey team, but mostly Graham and Rikker from the previous book :) and it's no surprise, since she befriended Rikker when he transferred and she has a history with Graham... this sort of friends-with-benefits-but-with-a-bit-of-a-crush-on-her-side-for-him sort of a history... and since Graham is gay and very happy now with Rikker it's hard to stay mad at your friend, when you see him in such a great place in life, but at the same time it's not easy to get over some feelings... and about those new faces... we meet Lianne, a freshman :) she's a famous actress who live across the hall from Bella :) at first they definitely do not get along, but it all change in time... :) and I'm very happy that her book is next and already out :)

Now about that main couple again... it all starts between them with a very weird day that leads to an unintentional hook up... and when I mean weird I'm talking about the fact that it's his birthday and he planned to loose his V-card with his girlfriend (who's also a virgin) but instead of that, he finds out that she cheated on him and slept with someone else so they broke up... so the whole thing with Bella is... well, it's not a big deal for her but it's a true shocker for him... that event leads to a whole lot of misunderstanding when he tries to explain... so there's some tension between them at the beginning... it's all forgotten after some very nasty stuff happens to Bella... it's some very degrading and humiliating things involving markers and more... nothing physically harmful, but it's absolutely awful nonetheless... I don't want to go into too many details, so let's just leave it at that, but it's much more complicated and you need to read about it to fully understand it... he really helps her get back on her feet after that... very relentlessly I have to add... :) from that, it slowly grows into something more... and that's also when she befriends Lianne, since she starts to spend a lot of time in her own room... and who knew what was hiding in that tiny actress... :) with every scene I loved her more... :)

I have to congratulate Sarina Bowen on her amazing ability to write about difficult things... in each and every book there are some topics that actually makes you think... and it's not written in this judgemental tone, but it's flawelessly woven into the story and makes you think about it without even realizing what you're doing :) the same thing happened this time :) I know that some people didn't like Bella, but I don't get it... I loved her :) she was open and honest and didn't do anything wrong... and yet she was slut-shamed only because she chose to slept with more guys than your statistical student? how would you even decide what number is too many... not to mention that if the situation was reversed and it would be a guy, we wouldn't have that problem at all... cause in that case, even if the term "man whore" would be tossed around, it would be with a smile on the face, more as a joke that an insult... and yet she's called some derogatory names... I don't get it... me, personally, I'm more like Rafe... but I have no problem with people having different approach to sex and relationships... but I do appreciate how in this book we have a reversed situation... because we are all used to this virginal-heroine-and-a-guy-with-more-experience situations... it's a true delight to read a book where those roles are reversed... :) here, we have a virgin hero and heroine with a lot more experience :)

Again, Sarina Bowen gave me a great story, some very loveable characters and topics to think about, all in one, fantastically written story :) and it has two of my favourite things in a book... a guy with an accent... I mean come on... I can't be the only one who finds that hot... ;) and also chapters from both points of view... :) and I loved those glimpses into the minds of Rafe and Bella :) so if you're looking for some NA romances that are also smart, funny and give you something more than just the love story, look no further and dive into this series :) as I said before, they can all be read as standalones so you can choose the one that interests you the most :)

I have for you just a few quotes today... I wanted to find more, but the best ones were too spoilerific, so you just have to read the book to see them for yourself ;) but don't worry... there is a lot more fun where this few came from ;)

Part of a conversation between Rafe and Bella and the beginning, when he tells her about his ex :)
"'Why? Who was he?'
'Never met him before. But some rich dude in a fancy suit. Your basic nightmare.'
I let out a hoot of laughter. 'Rafe? Did you just quote <When Harry met Sally> to me?'
His gaze slid into mine, and a slow smile began to overtake his face. 'I might have. My mom really likes the chick flicks.'
Aw. 'And a good son watches them with his mother once in a while, right? Just to be nice. Not because they're funny as hell.'
His smile grew, and I felt more than a flutter. Because that smile? It was blindingly hot.
'That's right. Just doing my duty.'"

When Rafe helps Bella get back on fer feet... literally ;)
"'We don't have to talk. But you still have to get up.'
'Yes. We're going running.'
'What?' I was confused enough to turn my head again so I could see his face.
'Running,' he repeated. 'That's when you put shoes on and move your feet real fast, transporting yourself from one spot to another.'"

How Bella describes Rafe in her head ;)
"He was the whole package. Sexy. Fun. Sexy. Kind. Loving. Sexy. Did I mention sexy?"



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Review: "King of hearts" by L. H. Cosway

Author: L. H. Cosway
Book 3 in series Hearts
Main characters: Oliver King and Alexis Clark

First of all... I need to say this little thing to my sister... you were right ;) I should have read this book weeks ago :) but we both know how forcing me to read a book ends... ;) so I read it in just the right moment to appreciate how amazing it was :) but don't worry, I'll read the fourth one now, without additional delay ;) but I do have to tell you guys at this moment, that all of the books in this series can be read as standalones... but if you read them in order, you can see some of your favourite couples more, and that's always a plus, is it not? ;) and now let us dive into more details why this book is fantastic and you all should read it... ;)

Let me start with our main couple... about Alexis... now she is a gem :) a hilarious, speaking-her-mind-openly-even-when-she-probably-shouldn't gem ;) to be honest, for her own good, she could use a filter... or two ;) between what's going on in her brain and what's coming out of her mouth ;) but on the other hand this book would be much less entertaining if that was the case ;) she's loud and inappropriate sometimes and a bit crazy and I just love her :) she's a colorful and interesting character and she captures your attention from the start :) Oliver on the other hand... he's this confident, driven and determined man... he's honest, and by that I mean sometimes too honest, cause he seems to not know the meaning of the word "tact" ;) and did I mentioned that he looks like sex on a stick...? ;) cause he totally does... ;) and to top all of that, he calls her "love"... :) and I freaking melt ;) cause if you are not yet aware of that, it is my favourite term of endearment... "love" or an even better version... "luv" ;) <sigh>

There is a spark between them from the start... that turns into some serious chemistry... but since she works for him, and doesn't want to jeopardize it, she tells him that she's a lesbian... I know, right? ;) I mean, what can go wrong with that? ;) but it's just one of the examples what's coming out of her mouth without some brain supervision ;) don't worry, this claim doesn't last very long... it's totally exposed in one hell of a sexy photoshoot... :) I don't want to say more, cause I don't want to spoil you anything but just... damn... :) who knew that all of his suits were hiding... that body ;) I really love how there's no big promises and words exchanged between them... cause none of them expected anything like this to happen... they are both kind of taken by surprise, and start to deal with all of that when... something else happen that change their lives forever... dun dun duuuuunnnnn... sorry, but this moment needed that :) and when I say that it change their lives I am talking about a major, six years ahead jump in time right in the middle of the book :) I know, I was like... what the hell is going on?!? ;) but it works perfectly :) especially if you already read book #2, cause that's when we first met him... and what a different man he was there... drunk all the time, sleeping outside... but don't worry if you haven't read it yet, as I said earlier, this one can be read as a standalone too ;) although I really encourage you to read the whole series, only cause it's that amazing ;) but back to Oliver and Alexis ;) I won't say anything specific about a second part of the book cause... spoilers, obviously ;) but I am gonna say this... they are both different when we see them again... which is not a big surprise, since not only a lot of time passed, but also a lot of things happened in that time... and I just have to leave it at that, even though I am dying to tell you more ;)

Besides our main couple there were sooo many awesome secondary characters... :) I have to start with Karla, she's roommates with Alexis and is the heroine of the next book... which I just can't wait to read ;) you will too once you read this one ;) there's also Bradley, her photographer friend who is absolutely hilarious... there's also Elaine, Oliver's mother whose story was a very emotional one, but with a beautiful ending... there are also some other characters... and I think about one of them in particular, that I can't tell you anything more about... :) that would be too spoilerific ;) but believe me when I say that one of these mysterious characters steals every scene he/she is in ;) all in all, like all her other books I've read so far L. H. Cosway has a way of creating colorful, interesting and absolutely different characters that only add to the whole story :) she has a way of sneaking in all sorts of characters into her books and before you know it... BAM :) you love them and are writing all over the place all sorts of pleas to her about writing and giving them their own stories ;)

Even though it took me a while to finally start this book, I finished it pretty quickly ;) well... I kinda had too ;) I mean, after you reach the second part, after the time jump it's just... you have to know more... how it will end? ;) at least I had this situation, where it was "just one more chapter" and before I knew it, I was reading the epilogue ;) the whole book was absolutely fantastic ;) the first half was more funny, while the second one was definitely more emotional... but it worked together beautifully :) to see the differences in both of them, how time changed them and yet did nothing to all the feelings between them... this book truly is a wonderful and unique gem and I hope you all will give it a try ;)

I have for you a few quotes to show you why I loved this book... and Alexis in particular ;) but there were so many of them that I couldn't put here... since they were too spoilerific ;) and I am talking about a whole lot of amazing things Oliver says to Alexis... mostly that, but also some others ;) so don't wait too long and just check out this book ;) happy reading :)

One of many reasons why I love Alexis... :) she's just my kind of a girl ;)
"I lived on the tenth floor of a big grey tower block in Bethnal Green with my BFF, Karla. The stairs were a hassle, but I had to admit that hauling my arse up and down them every day did wonders for my glutes. Too bad my penchant for cake undid all the good work."

A little exchange at the beginning of the book between Alexis and Oliver, when he apologize for being maybe a bit too direct ;)
"'You'll have to get up a lot earlier in the morning to offend me, Mr King.'
His lips pressed together. 'Really? How early are we talking?'
I suppressed a laugh and smiled. 'The crack of dawn, pretty much.'
He let out a playful sigh. 'It's a pity I treasure my beauty sleep.'"

Part of a conversation between Alexis and Karla :) Karla first :)
"'The Silver Bullet is putting on a ska night on friday,' she said. 'I saw the poster on my way home from work.'
I grinned at her. 'A ska night it is then. We'll paint the town beige, since red is reserved strictly for those age twenty-five and under.'"

A little something when Oliver finds Alexis eating lunch in his office bathroom :) yes, you read that right ;)
"'Enjoying your lunch?' he said, raising an eyebrow.
What was that sound, I hear you ask? Why, it was my heart plopping right out onto the floor and crawling away in mortification.
'I, eh, uh...' I tried to think of an excuse, but drew a complete and total blank. Finally I went with, 'You have a couch in your bathroom.' Yep, that gem was all mine."

A bit of truth when Alexis runs into her ex ;)
"Rekindling a relationship with a criminal was not something smart women did. And rekindling a relationship with a dumb criminal was definitely not something smart women did. I liked to think I was a smart woman. My vagina, on the other hand, was the equivalent of a dumb blonde. And that blonde wanted what she wanted."



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Review: "Tempt me at twilight" by Lisa Kleypas

Author: Lisa Kleypas
Book 3 in series The Hathaways
Main characters: Jay Harry Rutledge and Poppy Hathaway

I was absolutely charmed by Lisa Kleypas after I read her Wallflowers series... so I was cautious before reading anything else written by her, because I was afraid that it wouldn't quite repeat the magical experience of that first amazing series... but here I am, three books into another one of her series and I am completely in love with the Hathaways... this family absolutely stole my heart, and the more I know about them the bigger my love for them is... :)

This particular book tells the story of Poppy Hathaway, perhaps the most normal of all her siblings... :) she's very smart and has troubles with silly talks about nothing... that may be the reason why after three seasons in London she's still not married... she longs for a partner... to start a family... and for a life without the drama and unusual events that tends to surround her family ;) on the other hand we have Harry... a mysterious hotel owner and inventor... a man of money and power... but most of all, a man full of secrets... he may be my favourite hero in this series... he definitely is so far... :) don't get me wrong, I adored Merripen and I absolutely loved Cam, but Harry... <sigh> maybe it's the fact that he calls Poppy "love"... and it's my favourite term of endearment... :) cause I usually prefer charmers... smooth-talking and flirting rakes... ;) do not be mistaken, when he wants, Harry definitely has a way with words... and those moments are so worth the wait... :) there was just something about him... I can't quite put my finger on it... ;) there was something about him that resonated with me... he's a man with a past, extremely smart... not to mention relentless when he wants something... or someone... ;)

Their relationship is different than what we might be used to from previous books ;) for starters, she's in love with someone else... although to be honest I should say that she thinks she's in love with someone else, cause I would call it an infatuation... sure, it could have grown into something more, but there's a reason why she didn't end up with that other guy... :) Poppy and Harry met in, believe it or not, one of secret passageways in the hotel, that Poppy accidently finds when she's chasing a pet ferret that belongs to her younger sister, Beatrix ;) I kid you not :) he very quickly realizes how interesting, fascinating and unique Poppy is... and just as fast he knows that he wants her... :) and although it's hard for me to approve of some of his methods... it does involve a lot of meddling in other people lives... I can't help but forgive him for it... he's very determined, and used to get his own way... :) but those exact reasons are what make changes in him in later parts of the book so beautiful... they have kind of a rocky start, to say the least, but it evolves in a lovely way into something more... and to see how that affects him... how Poppy changes him... is absolutely amazing... :) you might even say that there is something like "Beauty and the beast" in this story... although, to be honest I am ashamed to admit (cause it's my favourite fairy tale of all time), that I didn't think of it on my own... ;) it was J, my sister, who pointed it out for me :) so thank you for that ;)

Besides the main couple, we see of course the rest of the lovely, a bit crazy and definitely unconventional Hathaway family... they are still as charming as ever and I love them with each book more and more... ;) we also meet new characters, mostly hotel employees :) and they are a colorful and entertaining bunch of people... :) I can add, that there is a mysterious connection between Harry and a character that we already know... dun dun duuuunnnnn.... ;) don't worry, it's nothing bad or scary ;) not to mention that the very ending of this one makes you very curious about the next one ;)

I absolutely loved this story... it's different, they have to conquer some obstacles to be together and to become a truly happy marriage, but it's an absolutely charming story... I finished it much quicker that I anticipated, and I believe it's because Harry put a spell on me... ;) I wanted to know more about him, so I kept saying "one more chapter" over and over again... and when I finally discovered some of his secrets...? <sigh> I loved him even more... ;) once again Lisa Kleypas proved that her style of writing is flawless... :) not only she writes characters that feel so real I want to pull them out of the book, she keeps surprising me... I swear, there wasn't one book, when I didn't gasped in shock at some turn of events... :) not to mention the witty banter and double meanings... :) subtle, but at the same time, sexy as hell seduction... ;) it's all there wrapped in one amazing package with a story that will keep you turning pages, no matter paper or e-books, because you just have to know what's gonna happen next... :)

I have for you a few quotes from this amazing book, but there are much more waiting for you in the actual book :) happy reading :)

When Poppy and Harry first meet ;)
"The stranger contemplated her for a moment. 'Shall I send for a housemaid to accompany you?'
Poppy's first inclination was to agree. But she didn't want to wait here with him, even for a few minutes. She didn't trust him in the least.
As he saw her indecision, his mouth twisted sardonically. 'If I were going to molest you,' he pointed out, 'I would have done so by now.'
Her flush deepened at his bluntness. 'So you say. But for all I know, you could be a very slow molester.'"

When Harry shows her a clockwork mechanism ;)
"'Remarkable!' in her enthusiasm, Poppy forgot to be guarded or cautious. 'Obviously Mr. Rutledge is mechanically gifted. This brings to mind a biography I read recently, about Roger Bacon, a Franciscan friar of the Middle Ages. My father was a great admirer of his work. Friar Bacon did a great deal of mechanical experimentation, which of course led some people to accuse him of sorcery. It was said that he once built a mechanical bronze head, which...' Poppy stopped abruptly, realizing she had been chattering. 'There, you see? This is what I do at balls and soirees. It's one of the reasons I'm not sought after.'
He had begun to smile. 'I thought talking was encouraged at such affairs.'
'Not my sort of talking.'"

When Poppy wants to confess something to Beatrix, her younger sister :)
"'First promise you won't tell anyone.'
'I promise promise.'
'Swear on something.'
'I swear on St. Francis, the patron saint of animals.' Seeing Poppy's hesitation, Beatrix added enthusiastically, 'If a band of pirates kidnapped me and took me to their ship and threatened to make me walk the plank over a shiver of starving sharks unless I told them your secret, I still wouldn't tell it. If I were tied by a villain and thrown before a herd of stampeding horses all shod in iron, and the only way to keep from being trampled was to tell the villain your secret, I...'
'All right, you've convinced me,' Poppy said with a grin."

Harry's brilliant response to Poppy :)
"'Mr. Rutledge, please don't take this as an affront, but you don't have the qualities I seek in a husband.'
'How do you know? I have some excellent qualities you haven't even seen yet.'"

And a little something between Poppy and Harry after a kiss ;)
"'Poppy stumbled, her knees astonishingly weak. Harry grabbed her in a swift reflex, pulling her back against him. 'Easy.' She heard him laugh softly. 'My fault. I shouldn't have kissed you like that.'
'You're right,' she said, her sense of humor tentatively reasserting itself. 'I should give you a set-down... slap you or something... what is the usual response from ladies you've taken liberties with?'
'They encourage me to do it again?' Harry suggested in such a helpful manner that Poppy couldn't help smiling."

Poppy and Harry when they discuss marriage :) at least his honest ;)
"'Are you trying to bribe me Harry?'
'Yes. Is it working?'
His hopeful tone made her smile. 'No, although it was a very good effort.'"



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Review: "Elements of chemistry" by Penny Reid

 Author: Penny Reid 
Book 1 in series Hypothesis 
Main characters: Martin Sandeke and Kaitlyn Parker

Ok, first things first... I feel the need to confess that I took a break from this book when I was around the middle of it... and it had nothing to do with the book being bad or whatever... :) and all with me and my mood changing... ;) and since I've been reading for a pretty long time, I know that when my mood changes I have to follow it ;) because whenever I force myself to read a book it never ends well... :) so when suddenly in the middle of the story my mood changed, I listened to it and pressed pause on this one ;) and once again it was a great decision :) <pats myself on the head and says "good brain"> ;) cause after a break I got back to it and it was amazing :) and thanks to my note taking while reading I should be able to write you a review that will show you how great it was :) so let's dive into more details... ;)

Kaitlyn and Martin are both in college and are lab partners in chemistry class :) she's socially awkward... which I can relate to... :) maybe not as much as Kaitlyn, but still ;) she's also super smart and very analitycal... she has this process of going through what happens to her and around her that sometimes I was a bit jealous of, cause I tend to get lost in my emotions... ;) but back to our main characters ;) Martin is also super smart... and he's on the rowing team so we have brain and muscles with him ;) but don't worry, he's not perfect... because who likes perfect heroes, right? ;) he's confident, borderline arrogant... and I added "borderline" only cause I'm nice ;) he's also distant and definitely has this alpha I-know-what-I-want thing going on ;) to be honest all the time I was reading this book I had flashes of "Neanderthal seeks human" cause Martin and Kaitlyn non stop reminded me of Janie and Quinn :) and hey, it's not a bad thing :) "Neanderthal seeks human" was the first Penny Reid book I ever read and I immediately fell in love with her quirky writing style and unique characters :)

If I had to put them all in order, I think this one would be my least favourite Penny Reid book... and don't get me wrong, it doesn't mean that it was awful or anything like that... :) I mean, one of her books had to take this place, and for me, it's this one... I'm sure that for some of you it will be her favourite book that you will re-read over and over again, and that's awesome :) there's a reason why we all have different taste ;) I just hope we can all respect our choices :) and the reason why I liked this one the least is the relationship between Martin and Kaitlyn... oh, there's a lot of chemistry, and I can't really argue with that... my problem was the timing... at least in the first half of the book... ;) cause this whole sweeping-away-for-a-week-on-an-island-and-falling-in-love situation is a bit too much too fast... ;) it's very intense and a bit unrealistic for my tastes... but then we have around nine months jump ahead in time... and we see the change in both main characters... :) and that's when the book really had me... :) what I also liked is that she didn't care who his family is and she wasn't intimidated by them... she saw him as his own person :) well, she was affected by his body in a certain way, but who can blame her for that... ;) let's just say that he has a nickname "Stroke" for a reason ;)

Besides the main characters we have also both their families... I don't want to talk about Martin's family, cause they are not good people... and let's just leave it at that, since I don't want to spoil you something that we find out a bit further in the book... but there is a reason why Martin is the way he is and why some interactions are hard for him... on the other hand, Kaitlyn's family is definitely peculiar, but they do love and support her... even if sometimes it's expressed in an unexpected or weird way ;) there is also Sam, Kaitlyn's friend and roommate :) she's a fun character and I do hope this book wasn't the one and only time that we've seen her ;) and I can't forget about Abram... <sigh> ;) he's gonna be the hero of the next book in this series :) at least if nothing has changed since Penny wrote about it in one of her newsletters ;) and I do hope it didn't cause I immediately found him interesting when I met him in this book and I really need to know more about him ;)

I really enjoyed this book :) and even though I will never love Martin as much as I love Alex... <sigh> oh, Alex... I swear, I can't explain it logically, but he just melts my heart... :) or Duane, who at this point is my favourite Penny Reid hero #2 :) but it does not mean that this story hadn't had its moments... :) and I do mean all of them... hot and sexy moments... hilarious and sarcastic moments... along with swoonworthy and "aaawww..." moments :) but I tend to expect nothing less from Penny Reid :) she has this amazing and totally unique way of writing... :) I want to be friends with the women I meet on the pages of her stories... and don't even get me started on her heroes... ;) she slowly ruins me, cause now my expectations are getting higher and higher... ;) so if I'm gonna end up a spinster I am blaming you, Penny ;) but all jokes aside, before I forget, you may be unaware, that there is an amazing fb group of Penny fans ;) so if you like her books, be sure to join Sharks of awesome :) they are a daily doze of hilarious, and sometimes very inappropriate ;) memes, pictures and stories... not to mention the amazing support they have for one another :) at this point I would like to thank you all amazing people for bringing a smile to my face every single day :) you guys are truly awesome :)

I have for you some quotes, because you can say a lot of things about Penny Reid books, you can like some stories and/or charaters more than others, but her writing style is always spot on and smart and quirky and unique all in one :) I love her and she constantly makes me laugh :) so happy reading ;)

A little something between Martin and Kaitlyn :) Martin first
"'Do you hide in the cabinet often?'
'Is this an everyday thing?'
'No. Only on special occasions, like when strange people arrive to plot your demise.'"

Some of the things that's going on in Kaitlyn's mind ;)
"One day I would persuade my grandchildren to gather 'round while I put in my good dentures - the ones with no space between my two fronth teeth - and I would tell them fot the millionth time about how Hercules had once accidentally kissed me in the chemistry lab at my Ivy League University."

Kaitlyn and Martin after that kiss in the chemistry lab ;) Kaitlyn first
"'What was that?'
'That was necessary.'
'Yes. That needed to happen.'
'It did?'
He nodded once and bent as though he were going to do it again. I stiffened, my hands moved instantly to his chest and I thwarted his advance - because if he started kissing me, it was surely a sign of Armageddon. Also, I was so far out of my comfort level, I was in an alternate dimension."

Part of a conversation between Kaitlyn and Sam ;) Sam first
"'You should tell him face-to-face that you don't want to go. You should explain your reasons why and establish boundaries for future interactions. And you should have me there as your representative to make sure he doesn't try to zap you with his sexy ray.'
'Zap me with his sexy ray?'
'You know what I'm talking about. I barely saw him and I'm feeling the effects. He's got like an... electromagnetic pulse of sexy or something. So does his friend, Eric. They're a menace. They shouldn't be allowed in public.'
'That's not how electromagnets works.'
'Whatever. You get my point.'"

Another something between Martin and Kaitlyn ;) Kaitlyn first ;)
"'I'm not bringing anything because I'm not going.'
He squinted at me. 'You promised.'
'Under duress.'
'I wasn't holding a gun to your head.'
'No, just holding yourself to my body. That's quite enough to put me in a state of duress.'"

Again a conversation between Martin and Kaitlyn ;)
"His gaze skated over my face then flickered to my hands, still fists on my lap. Then he gave my hands a smile. Apparently they amused him.
'Are you going to hit me?'
'I don't know,' I answered honestly. 'It depends on if you take your pants off again.'
'You'll hit me if I take my pants off?'
'Yeah... I might give you a junk punch.'"

Why I adore Sam and hope that she will get her own story ;) she and Kaitlyn ;)
"'Thank you, Katy. Just... thank you for this moment.'
'You're welcome. Never say I didn't give you anything, especially since there are four more shirtless rowers on their way.'
'I will die happy here, today, in this spot,' she sighed.
'In your puddle of lust.'
'Leave my puddle of lust alone. Get your own puddle.'"

And the last one with Kaitlyn, Sam and Martin after the girls went rowing :) Kaitlyn first
"'I'm not blushing. It's just warm in here.'
'Whatever. I'd high-five you if I could move my arm.'
'How do you think I feel? You're already an athlete, I hurt in places I didn't know existed.'
'You're the idiot who wanted to learn how to row. Why, Kaitlyn? Why? Why would you do that? Why would you ask that sadist to teach you how to row? Why?'
I tried to shake my head but I couldn't. 'I don't know. Shut your whore mouth. I just want to die.'
A knock sounded from the door; Sam and I said in unison, 'Come in.'
Martin poked his head in. I moved only my eyes because even my neck muscles were sore.
'Hey, you ready?'
'No. I've decided to die instead.'
He considered me, assessing, then asked, 'Are you sore?'
'I would nod but I'm too sore.'"



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Books I can't wait to get my hands on ;) december edition

Hello my awesome people... :) once again it is this time of the month when I share with you books that I can't wait to read :) and this time I have a theme of sorts ;) cause all the books I'm gonna be discussing with you are paranormal :) or paranormal-ish ;) so, are you ready to start? :) then follow me ;)

Ok, so the first book I'd like to talk to you about is "Shadow's end" by Thea Harrison :) it's book #9 in her Elder races series :) if you are not familiar with it, it's a paranormal romance series where humans are aware of all kinds of magical and mystical creatures like vampires, shapeshifters, griffons, a djinn or two and much more :) each full lenght book tells the story of a different couple, but most of the characters appear throughout the whole series... which is a good thing, because the more you know about them, the more you want to see them :) and another vital information, you need to read those books in order, cause there are archs that last for a few books, and actions in one of them have consequences in other ones and it's the best way to avoid some huge spoilers ;) and if a full lenght book would not be enough for you, there's also gonna be a new novella, "Liam takes Manhattan" :) it's the conclusion to the three-part arch started in "Dragos goes to Washington" and continued in "Pia does Hollywood" :) so we will all get our share of dragons and other shifters :)

Next book that I want to tell you about is "Sweet ruin" by Kresley Cole :) it's the newest addition to her Immortals after dark series... and ok, I may be like five books behind this one, but still ;) it's a really interesting and entertaining series :) and again, I would really recommend you to read those books in order, cause the events in them overlap each other all the time :) and yes, it's sometimes confusing, so it really helps if you read them in order :) to be honest, I have a bit of an up and down relationship with this series... there are books that I can't put down, cause I need to know how the story will end... but there are also books that I struggle a bit with finishing... but don't get me wrong, they are always written really well, and are full of hilarious interactions and characters... it's just that... I don't know... I can't really put my finger on it... some stories are just better than others :) but hey, we all have different tastes, and I'm sure that some of the books that I haven't enjoyed as much may be your favourites :) and that's what I love about reading... :)

Another book that I'd like to tell you about is "Oblivion" by Jennifer L. Armentrout :) it's a companion novel to her already finished Lux series :) I have to say that I already read quite a few of her books and her style of writing is fantastic :) she creates interesting characters and engaging stories and they are always a pleasure to read :) this one however is a bit different than the others :) it's written from the perspective of the main hero from the series, as oppose to the heroine like in other books and it's... well, apparently it's mostly scenes and events that we saw in the first book, but there are also gonna be some new stuff... :) I have for you a link to the message that the author posted on her website so you can read it for yourself ;) I can also say that this series is YA / NA and it involves some paranormal / sci-fi stuff and absolutely have to be read in order, especially since it's only like five books :) but it's written really well, and definitely don't be discouraged by this whole YA label... cause there are actually some pretty serious stuff in it besides the drama and angst ;) just kidding, you know I would not recommend you that kind of a book... with unnecessary angst... <shudders> ;)

The last book that I want to write about comes with a super special dedication for my sister... cause I'm not gonna read it :) and it's "Blood kiss" by J. R. Ward... it's the beginning of a brand new Black dagger legacy series, a spin-off of the Black dagger brotherhood series... it's a pretty dark series about vampires... we met Paradise, the heroine of this book in "The shadows" and J, my awesome sister, said that she was the best part of that book :) and after hearing how it ended I have to agree with her... without spoilers, but there's a reason why I will never read that book... if you know me and my taste a bit from reading my reviews, you can probably guess why... ;) but I was still considering to give her and her books another chance... but then my blog helper, M (I would have written your whole name, but I'm not sure if you would be ok with that, so I'm just gonna write the initial and hope that you know that I'm talking about you) :) wrote to me about "The Bourbon kings"... well, answered my questions, cause I asked her first... :) I don't have book friends who randomly go about and tell everyone some huge spoilers from books ;) and after she shared with me some stuff from that book, I was sure it's not for me... I'm sure that some of you still love her and count down the days to the release of each new addition, but she's just not for me :) but my sister will probably give this one a try, and if so, it will appear as a guest review on my blog at some point in the future :)

If you want more info or just want to talk about books, be sure to contact me :) the fastest way to do it is through the official fb page of my blog :) but you can also leave a comment here or send me an e-mail ( :) I really love to hear from you guys :)



Saturday, November 28, 2015

Review: "Dragos goes to Washington" by Thea Harrison

Author: Thea Harrison
Book 8,5 in series Elder races
Main characters: Dragos and Pia

This is a novella with the couple from the very first book :) the whole series takes place in a world where humans are aware of... let's just say, other creatures ;) you know, like vampires, witches, shapeshifters (or Wyr as they are called here) and many more... :) it's a very interesting world, and I enjoy stories about it immensly :) and although my personal favourite is book #4, Dragos and Pia are on a very close second place, and I always love getting to know them better :)

This particular novella is about a summit in Washington between humans and leaders of all Demesnes (vampire, wyr and so on) :) our main couple is attending it :) it is held because of some dramatic events that happened earlier, and I don't want to spoil you anything if you haven't read the books yet, so I'm gonna stop here :) I just want to say, that this one is a series that you really should read in order... including the novellas, or at least some of them... cause they are all very connected to one another :) this one is actually the first part of a three-part arch :) the second one is already available, with the last one being published very soon :) don't worry, you can enjoy the story in this one all by itself, but be warned... you will be curious about what will happen next ;)

I really loved to see our alpha couple again :) to experience their dynamic with each other :) Dragos is still this dangerous dominant predator, even though that mating with Pia helped him develop some new sides of his personality... it did not soften his instincts... :) I also enjoyed seeing some of the familiar faces again... :) I am truly sorry, that I can't really say too much about the events in this book without spoilers... or about events that led up to this book ;) or more about certain characters... :) so let me just say that if you love paranormal romances that are set up in a colorful and interesting world, with captivating characters and stories that will make you turn pages cause you simply must know what's gonna happen next... ;) and you still don't know this one, you have to check it out ;)

Since the story is shorter than usual I have for you only three quotes today :) but they are really good ;) happy reading :)

Dragos, Pia and being together for some time ;)
"His eyes narrowed on her. 'We are both half naked on the bed, about to practice getting pregnant and giving each other multiple pows, and we're arguing about laundry?'
Her glare faded into uncertainty. After a pause, she said, 'I guess so?'
Immensly satisfied, he nodded and pulled her up against his chest. 'We are so married.'"

Dragos and Pia again :) women can so relate to that conversation ;)
"'There's time to eat, and you can take a nap before we go.'
She shook her head at him with a smile filled with feminine pity. 'Oh no, I can't. I've never been to the White House before. I'm not going to just throw on clean clothes and run my fingers through my hair, like you do.'
One corner of his mouth lifted. 'Well, at some point I am going to shave too.'"

And the last one with Dragos and Pia :) he may be dangerous and all, but there's more to him... <sigh> ;)
"'Why do you keep rubbing yourself like that?'
'You don't have to make it sound so dirty.' She scowled back at him. 'My leg itches. Do you have to take note of every little thing I do? I mean every tiny, little thing, Dragos?'
'Yes,' he said simply. 'When I look at you, even when things are going to hell, somehow everything is all right.'"



Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Review: "The game plan" by Kristen Callihan

Book 3 in series Game on
Main characters: Ethan "Dex" Dexter and Fiona "Fi" Mackenzie

Ok, people... I just... this book... gah... ok, get a grip woman ;) sorry, but this book was so awesome that I have troubles putting my thoughts into words, so I can show you in the best possible way how great it was :) it was funny, and sweet, and sexy as hell... it was so hot that it should come with a warning ;) "reading in public places may cause blushing and reactions inappropriate around other people" ;) but let's dive into this one a bit more, shall we? ;) but before I tell you more about the main couple I have to inform you that this book takes place around two years after the previous one, and as all others in this series, can be read as standalone :) but I do encourage you to read them in order cause then appearances of other people will have much more meaning :)

We met Fi in the previous book, because she and Ivy (the heroine of that book) are sisters :) and Ethan... because after reading this book I could never again call him Dex :) I think Ethan appeared for the first time in book #1 :) he is now a professional player in the NFL in New Orleans and Fi works as an interior / furniture designer in New York :) she's cheerful, talkative and open... there's a reason why everyone compares her to Tinker Bell ;) and it's not only cause she's petite with short blond hair ;) Ethan on the other hand is a tall tower of muscles... ;) he's big and bearded ;) <sigh> ;) he's also calm and stoic... but if you add all of his tattoos... and piercings... ;) and I mean plural and in very... interesting places ;) and a side of him that is visible only when it comes to Fi... then damn... ;) you might never be the same again after reading his book... ;) and the way he keeps calling her Cherry is just the cutest thing ever ;)

She caught his eye the moment he met her... but it took some time for her to finally notice him... :) she needed time... but when she finally did saw him... let me just say... they might seem like night and day, but when they are together the chemistry is off the charts... ;) it all clicked for the first time during a week they were both spending with Ivy and Gray (couple from book #2) and their... ok, tiny spoiler alert, but come on, not really... ;) and their baby :) after that, they try to make this long distance thing work :) and let me just say... the messages exchanged between CherryBomb and FearTheBeard are hilarious ;) and their struggles feel real... it's not just your unnecessary angst and drama... you can relate to them and their story... to the way they fight for their relationship... and Kristen Callihan created a full spectrum of emotions between them... so there's not only a blindingly hot passion, but also tenderness and intimacy... not to mention the sarcastic and funny banter ;)  

Besides our main couple we see glimpses of the people we already know and love... :) well... know, if you read the previous books like I did ;) but not only we see Drew and Anna, as well as Ivy and Gray, but there are also appearances from some of the players that you may remember ;) and even though they no longer play in the same team, it's great to see that their friendship is still there... along with that goofy camaraderie ;) not to mention that we meet a bunch of new people... :) and even though some of them appeared in only a scene or two here and there, I would read their own book with great pleasure :) there are Ethan's teammates... and Violet, Fi's hacker friend :) and some more ;) but one of the cutest scenes in the book takes place between Fi and her dad... :) I'm not gonna write you more here, cause I don't want to spoil you anything, but it's just... aaaawwww... ;) one of the things I really love about this book... and the same thing apply to the previous one as well... is the relationship between sisters :) I swear, the love, support and sarcastic banter between Ivy and Fi reminds me so much of me and my own sister, J, that it's scary ;) and it only adds to the overall awesomeness of these books :)

As with her other books in this series, we have again two perspectives :) and again, I absolutely loved it :) it is always a big plus in a book for me, if I can see what is going on inside the mind of not only one, but two main characters :) and Kristen Callihan does it very skillfully, so it does feel like reading the thoughts of two different people, and you don't need to constantly go back to the beginning of the chapter to make sure who is talking now ;) we also have this lovely epilogue, set a bit in the future, that gives us a charming glimpse into the lives of our couple :) so if you are looking for a fun, sexy read, with a beautiful ending and interesting characters... look no further... :) this book, and this series, will be a perfect choice for you :) just trust me... have I ever steered you in the wrong way before? ;)  

I have for you a few quotes ;) believe me, it was very hard to choose, cause they are all over the book... funny quotes, and swoonworthy quotes... <sigh> I did my best to pick not to spoilery ones, and to make sure that there are still some surprises for you along the way ;) but if you like awesome quotes from books, be sure to check out the official fb page of my blog :) cause J (my amazing sister) does this fantastic quote / picture things from different books that she read and I post them there all the time ;) but, you know... no pressure ;) it's just a thought ;)

Fi when she finally sees Ethan ;)
"I do not admire his ass as he walks away. Okay, maybe a little. Because damn." 

Words of truth from Fi ;)
"Man-buns are hot. I blame Jason Momoa. There was only so much watching him bang Khaleesi the female population could take before they wanted their own Khal Drogo."

Sisterly love between Fi and Ivy ;) Fi first
"I'm grumpy and chomping on a slice of buttered whole grain bread like I'm trying to annihilate it. Worse? Ivy is watching me. Her dark eyes track my movements as I pick up my coffee and take a bracing drink. 'You're staring.'
'Well, duh.'
'Are you asking for me to ping you with this bread?' I say before taking another bite and talking with my mouth full. 'Because I totally will.'"

A litte something between Fi and Ethan :)
"'All I'm asking is for the truth,' he says, his big, strong body rock solid in his chair.
Licking my lips, I try to breathe. Truth? I can do truth. It's not so hard. Right? 'Yes.'
One of his dark brows rises. 'Yes to what?'
If I have to elaborate, I might expire on the spot. 'Does it matter when the answer is yes?'
He smiles, and it's like the dawn cresting over the sea. 'When it comes to you, Fiona, the answer always matters. But I'll take that as a yes to all of the above.'"

Gray and Ethan :) Gray first
"'You came to help us out?' His voice is creaky, raw.
'I told you I know babies. So let me give you a break today.'
I swear Grayson goes weepy. He blinks rapidly before taking a breath. 'I love you, man. I'm one step away from kissing you right now.'
'You keep saying that, but I've yet to see any follow-through.'"

And the last one, with Ethan and Fi ;) Fi first
"'I swear, you've got this whole seduction thing down pat.'
Dex's lips twitch, but his pencil doesn't stop making those little scratching noises across the pad. 'Seduction thing?'
'You know, the baby, beautiful garden, drawing me. Are you going to pull out a guitar next and serenade me?'
He laughs at that. 'No guitar. I may or may not have a harmonica in my pocket to use for later. But I prefer to keep you in suspense.'"