Thursday, July 20, 2017

Review: "Deadly games" by Lindsay Buroker

Book 3 in series The emperor's edge
Main character: Amaranthe Lokdon

This series just keeps getting better and better... :) *sighs happily* I feel like I need to start my review with once again thanking one of my #BookBesties for recommending me this amazing series in the first place :) so thank you Karen ;) be prepared to hear it every single time I finish one of the installments ;) but back to our story ;) it's book #3 in a series that I highly recommend you to read in order... even though all of them follow around the same cast of characters and each of them revolves around a certain event and stuff... I know, it's super vague, but I don't want to spoil you anything accidentally ;) there are a lot of important stuff you need to know from previous stories before going into each new one... plus, they are all just so awesome, that reading all of them is not a chore ;) and again, since it's one of the middle books in a bigger series, it's gonna be hard to say how I felt about it without giving away too much, but as always I will do my best :) so let me start by saying a bit more about the overall plot and our main character :)

This story, as well as the previous ones, takes place in the Turgonian empire... after writing that I am sitting here thinking if I remember the name correctly, but to be honest I am too lazy to get up and check it, so if I made a spelling mistake, we are all just gonna move on... ;) anyway... :) it's this absolutely amazing fantasy / steampunk world that I am dying to know more about... :) but the best part of this story, as well as all previous ones, are the characters... specifically... Amaranthe :) I know that all of you people who read these books already, expected me to say Sicarius, but I will get to him in a second... *sighs dreamily over the mysterious assassin* I'm sorry, where was I??? oh, right... ;) back to Amaranthe :) she used to be an Enforcer, sort of like police in that world, but then some things happened, some missunderstandings occured and... she's not anymore... she is actually on the exact opposite side of the law now :) it's not like she *wants* to be there, but the current circumstances are what they are... ;) she's working on getting to the right side of the law, but it's a process :) I absolutely love her :) she's hilarious, resourceful and care a lot about her band of misfits... because Amaranthe does not work alone... oh no, there is a team... and what a team it is... :) I won't name everyone, even though they are a very colorful bunch, but in case you are new to this series, the identity of some of the members is not revealed until the end of the first book, so I don't want to spoil you stuff... but I have to... I just have to... say a sentence or two about Sicarius... *sighs dreamily* give me a moment... *at least ten minutes later* ok, get a grip woman... I would say that I'm sorry for taking a break, but it would be a lie... ;) I just love Sicarius so much... which is a bit ridiculous, when you think about how little I actually know about him... and, you know, the fact that he is a fictional character ;) but that is a topic for a whole another discussion :) but even though we know so little about him, those scenes he's in... he is the epitome of a mysterious assassin... he doesn't talk much, but once he opens his mouth... you guys... there was a scene towards the very end of the book... I'm not gonna tell you who exactly besides Sicarius was in it... but I read it like three times in a row, because it was sooo good :)

It was yet another easily given 5 stars :) I had so much fun reading this action packed, surprising twists filled story with entertaining and hilarious writing style... I swear you guys, the banter between those band of misfits is freaking fantastic... ;) I always laugh out loud when I read it, and it constantly surprises me in the best possible way... :) since I have breaks between each installments to read other stories, I am always able to convince myself that those books cannot possibly be as good as I remember them... and then I read another one and BAM! :) I'm reminded just how awesome they are :) I already can't wait to see what's gonna happen in book #4 because that last chapter... that ending... damn... ;) and I should already mentally prepare myself, because I heard that the endings of other books are even more cliffhangery... yes, that is totally a word... ;) if you haven't already, be sure to pick this book, or the first one if you are completely new to this series :) and prepare to laugh hard and awwwww in the most surprising places... ;) you can thank me later ;)



Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Review: "The hot shot" by Kristen Callihan

Book 4 in series Game on
Main characters: Finnegan "Finn" Mannus and Chester "Chess" Copper

I have some mixed feelings about this story... don't get me wrong, I still enjoeyd it plenty, after all this is written by Kristen Callihan :) but there were just some things that stood in the way of me giving this story five stars... so I decided to just trust my instinct and rate it four stars :) it's still gonna be a positive review and I still highly recommend you to give this book a try... I think my problems were connected to my personal preferences as a reader... but I will get to that in a minute :) for now, you need to know that even though it's book #4 in Game on series, it can be read as a standalone ;) you get all the necessary informations to follow the story between our main couple, although I do feel the need to warn you about some spoilers regarding the third book in this sereis... since it and this one takes place in about the same time frame, you will be spoiled about certain events from that previous book... just saying ;) anyway... ;) now that we have this little explanation out of the way, let us jump straight into our main couple :)

Since I loved Finn that much more... I'm gonna start with Chess :) I don't know why, but I just couldn't connect with her... some of the decisions she made along the way... yeah, on the one hand I sort of could understand where she was coming from, but on the other hand I just wanted to shake her up and make her see the truth... :) although I have to admit that I liked her throughout the majority of the story :) she was one strong and sassy lady, she did not let anyone boss her around :) but like I said, there was just something that kept bothering me about her... I can't really explain it better, so we are just gonna move on... ;) because as much as I adore this series, there is always something that don't click for me with the heroines... heroes on the other hand... *sighs dreamily* they always surprise me in the best possible way... :) like with Finn... when I started this book, I did not expect to fell in love with him as much as I did, but it happened anyway... he snuck up on me with his swoonworthiness... yes, it's a word... that's my opinion and I'm sticking to it ;) and charm... ;) it took a while to see his more vulnerable side but once I got a glimpse... damn... *sighs happily* there is a reason why I love all of them... and Finn is no exception :) and let me tell you about the way they met... ;) Chess is a photographer and she was taking pics for the nude charity calendar of... you guessed it, Finn's football team :) yes, it was as hilarious and hot as you are probably imagining right now :) theirs was definitely a relationship / story that I discovered I adore the most... as in, they started out as friends... yes, friends who are attracted to one another, but just friends nonetheless :) and with time it grew into something more... :) I don't want to say too much about it, because it's really better going into their book without the knowledge about every little thing that happens along the way... it will be much better if those little precious moments will surprise you :) I adored their journey... well, the most of it anyway... I was not the biggest fan of how they handled that big obstacle closer to the end of the book, but that may be just me and my personal preferences as a reader... and no, I cannot tell you anything more, because that would definitely be too spoilerific :)

When it comes to secondary characters, we got appearances of the hero from the previous story :) mainly because he's Finn's teammate :) as well as a little glimpse or two about certain previous characters as well ;) but like I said before, this story can totally stand on its own, so feel free to start with this one, if it will interest you the most :) besides the people we already may know, I need to name two others :) James and Jake :) James is Chess's best friend and co-worker :) and I loved him... which is why I'm very excited that he got his very own little plot in this book... :) and Jake is on the other hand Finn's best friend and teammate... and let me tell you... I love this guy :) I'm totally crossing my fingers so he will get his own story at some point in this series... maybe even the next one ;) although there is much more potential for other books about people we met here... and in previous books... GAH!!! so many possible awesome stories :) we're just gonna have to wait and see what Kristen will give us next :)

Like I mentioned before, even though I had my troubles with this book, I really enjoyed it :) I am a huge fan of Kristen Callihan and her writing style :) especially when it is done in 2 POVs, like here ;) as in we get chapters from two different perspectives :) you know... the hero and the heroine of the story :) I love to be able to glimpse into their heads, to see their thought process and how they feel... :) especially when it is done as amazing as here :) see, even when Chess annoyed me, the fact that I was able to see into her head helped me understand her better :) and don't even get me started on Finn... *sighs happily* he surprised me in the best possible way... there is much more to him than his cocky and carefree personality that he shows to the world... oh just you wait and see... :) so if you are looking for a hot and hilarious sports themed romance, definitely give this book, and this series in general, a try ;) you will not regret it :)



Monday, July 17, 2017

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #71

Challenging week
New movie to wait for
Uuummmm... that's it ;)

Hello my lovely people :) this post is definitely gonna be much, much shorter than the one from last week ;) it's all connected to the headlines you see above so how about I'll go straight into them and explain everything, and if you are in the mood to read more, check out some other posts on my blog... there are plenty to choose from ;)

So first I'm gonna combine headlines #1 and #3 :) because what a week I had... ;) crazy busy at work and crazy for other reasons at home ;) if you missed my last #RandomRamblings post, I have a puppy at home :) a beautiful 2-month-old Westie named Luna... I love her to pieces but let's not forget, that there is a lot of work around her... and before you start judging me and all, trust me.. I'm not complaining... it was a very thought over decision and I knew perfectly well what I was signing for... and for every moment when I am tired of teaching her for the X time to NOT chew on my finger or something like that... when I am frustrated but doing my best to not show it... there are moments when she will come to me when I am reading and curl around my feet on the floor, and go to sleep :) trust me, it's totally worth it :) but she absorbs a lot of my time at home ;) and when it comes to work... *sighs* last week was the one before my bosses went on vacation... I know what you're thinking... that now I will have a break, before they come back... oh, how wrong you are... I have a list longer than me of things to prepare while they are gone, in addition to my usual load plus doing stuff for people who are on vacation / medical leave and such... yeah... so that is why I don't have a lot to talk about today... :) I have some ideas for stuff I want to prepare for future #RandomRamblings posts, but honestly? I don't have the time OR energy to do it now... so I'm giving myself a break from all that this week ;)

Now that we have this little explanation out of the way, let me tell you about a movie that very surprisingly made it's way on my #Wishlist ;) "Jumanji 2" :) yes, I kid you not :) I've heard for months stuff about this movie, but it wasn't until I saw the trailer, that I've become very interested in watching it :) so if you missed it before, be sure to check it out ;) I have it for you below :)

Ok, that's a wrap :) told ya it's gonna be a short one ;) ok, I'm off to try and relax... maybe play and NOT loose my fingers with Luna and then maybe later I will even be able to squeeze in a chapter or two of a really good book ;) as always, I love connecting with you guys, so be sure to leave me a comment here, on my Facebook page or Goodreads account and I will talk with you later ;)



Friday, July 14, 2017

Review: "Hello forever" by Sarina Bowen

Author: Sarina Bowen
Main characters: Axel Armitage and Caxton "Cax" Williams

I got an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review :) once again Sarina Bowen wowed me with her story :) I am just a sucker for her writing style... it gets me every time :) especially since she has a beautiful talent of mixing up some hilarious themes with much more serious ones... most of the times, I laugh AND cry during one of her books :) this particular story was actually published under a different title and pseudonym a while ago... but I never heard of it, until recently :) and missing out on this wonderful story would be such a shame :) this is theoretically a second book in a series, but it can be read as a standalone... I will explain everything a bit more later :) because for now, I want to tell you a bit about our main couple :)

Axel and Cax... once again I absolutely fell in love with both main characters... :) Sarina just really knows how to write them... ;) they've been friends since they were young, until one summer... at a church camp no less, when they were caught kissing... and since both of them have very different family situations, well... it didn't really end well... fast forward to about six years later... they had zero contact in the meantime... until one night Axel, while pondering a job offer from a university, watches online a basketball game of their team... and he sees Cax in the audience... that is the final argument in the plus column for him to take the job ;) once he gets there and sees him for the first time after that very long time... well, I don't really want to say too much about their relationship, because once you understand two very different situations they are in, you will get it... Axel is an openly gay man... he has an amazing mom, who supports him... Cax on the other hand is a whole another story... raised by a horrible and homophobic father, with three younger brothers still living with said father that he needs to think about, his situation is much more serious and complicated... but you know? all those obstacles make their happy ending that much more beautiful :) again, I don't want to get into specifics, because it will be much better if you discover everything like I did, along the way... :) but what I can say, is that it was absolutely heartbreaking and yet heartwarming at the same time... see? I told ya about Sarina's writing style... it's magic ;)

Like I mentioned before in this review, this is book #2 but the only way it's connected to the first one is this: Caleb and Josh, the main couple from it, are Axel's landlords in this one ;) so they appear in a few scenes, and that's such a lovely bonus, but you don't need to know their story to enjoy this one and vice versa ;) although I highly recommend for you guys to read both of them, in whatever order you want :) besides our main couple, we got another few fantastic characters :) there were Caleb, Josh and Axel's mom, who I mentioned before ;) but there are three more I want to tell you about :) we have Boz, Axel's co-worker :) his reaction to Axel's being gay is priceless :) in the best way :) there's also Amy, Cax's friend and "girlfriend" for the world to see... don't judge him for that... she is aware of the whole situation and is actually helping him a lot... and then we have Jason... there is one scene, closer to the end of the book... that makes me think that maybe... just maybe... we will have another book in this series some time in the future ;) and all I can say for that is... fingers crossed ;)

I have to say that I absolutely adored this book :) another easily given 5 stars :) but to be honest, now I expect nothing less from Sarina... and she always delivers ;) with wonderful stories that hit you in all the feels, great characters, that you can't help but fall in love with and the writing style that keeps you glued to the pages every time ;) this particular book was once again written in 2 POVs, which means we got chapters from Axel's perspective, as well as Cax's ;) and you should know by now that this is my favourite writing style ever ;) to be able to glimpse inside the heads of both our main characters, see what drives them... *sighs happily* I very highly recommend you guys to check out this book and this series in general... :) and if you are not a fan of MM stories... no judgement here, then definitely give some of her other books a try... she has plenty to choose from ;)



Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Review: "Nyles" by Kat Brewer

Author: Kat Brewer
Title: "Nyles"
Book 1 in series Portal's gift
Main characters: Nyles and Reggie

I got an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review :) this is the first story in a companion series to The chronicles of Erla... and I highly recommend you guys to read that original series first, because those books will definitely help you understand the whole world and all the rules that much better... plus, all the main heroes from this new series... we already met them before :) so it helps to have all that backstory before going into this one :) ok, since this particular book was somewhere between a novella and a full lenght story, there is not much that I can tell you without spoilers... :) but I will try my best :) that's also the reason why this review will be shorter than I usually write... basically, I will tell you a bit more about the premise of this story and the world it is set in, and then share some overall thoughts and feelings... that is the only way to do it without spoilers... ok, so let's just jump right in :)

This book, as well as all others from the original series, concentrates around a woman who is transported from Earth, through a transdimensional rift, into the world of Jiva... *sighs* I know how that sounds, so don't roll your eyes at me... and don't dismiss it, before you try it :) I took a chance a while back and absolutely fell in love with the characters created by the lovely Kat :) the world of Jiva is filled with kingdoms and queendoms, and as the name suggests, in different countries, different sexes are more dominant... I can't really say anything else about them, because trust me... in that original series A LOT of stuff happens... :) and quite a few things changes... :) this particular story follows Nyles, the king of Serlenn, and a new portal traveler... and when I heard that we will finally get a happy ending for him I was thrilled... :) he was one of my favourite secondary characters in the original series and I really wanted to see the woman who will steal his heart... :) the wait was worth it :) it was an absolutely adorable story, with some very surprising twists... but since it's a shorter one, that's pretty much all I can say :) now on to my opinion about it :)

I gave this particular story 4,5 stars :) I enjoyed it, and there is a small surprise near the end... an additional novella :) and that cute little gem was really lovely :) another wonderful surprise :) it told the story about a secondary character from "Nyles" :) and I was very surprised by how quickly I fell in love with the main characters from that novella... ;) but back to the main topic of this review :) like I said, because Nyles was an utterly charming man I loved for the longest time, I was very happy to see him with a woman, who chose him... and Reggie was... not what I expected :) but yet again she was someone who sneakily stole my heart ;) #NoRegrets :) theirs was a lovely and charming story, and I already can't wait to go back to this world, to see what sorts of adventures and happy endings Kat planned for the rest of the men... ;) definitely give it a try :)