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J says :) #12

Let’s talk about…
Playing couple!

Hello everyone, so today I decided to go with a specific theme in books, which is playing couple :) if you’re wondering if it’s a repeating vibe in different types of books, you’re right! So maybe on the outside they all look different, but it’s always some version of the same story: main couple pretends to be in a relationship (there can be many different reasons why) and in time they’re just kind of realize they don’t want to pretend anymore. They have something special, something real… I really love those stories, because many of them starts a little slow, with some kind of friendship and always ends with love and happily ever after… and who wouldn’t enjoy a book like that, am I right? And now I’m gonna go straight with examples, because they’re definitely good ones (like always, just saying):

Rock redemption 
(book #3 in Rock Kiss series, written by Nalini Singh)

They have a history, it didn’t end well… Everyone knows who Noah is, they call him – Rock God or bad boy of rock. He plays guitar and looks like a fallen angel, but he is no saint. Kit is a great actress, but in Hollywood it’s not enough, you have to be in the media, so when by mistake she and Noah are called the new “it” couple she finally has a fighting chance for a role of a lifetime for her. They decide to pretend being in a relationship for the public, but it’s definitely not easy. Add to that the situation that Kit has an obsessed fan, who becomes more and more dangerous and Noah has demons of his own. But one thing he knows for sure, helping her is his last chance at redemption…

Big Rock 
(book #1 in Big Rock series, written by Lauren Blakely)

This story is about two friends and business partners – Spencer and Charlotte. In this case, even though it was originally his idea, they both definitely have their resaons for playing couple. His father is selling his business to some pretty conservative dude, and by conservative I mean like from 50’ where man was... the man of the house, and woman was for looking pretty and not really thinking (ahh how far we’ve come ). So Spencer, to please everyone, comes up with a plan to introduce his fiancee – Charlote, and be a poster couple. She on the other hand is after a bad breakup, her (I wanna say) fiance cheated on her but now decided that he wants a second chance with her. She definitely don’t want that, so Spencer and his plan is a perfect solution. At first it was playing couple, then playing between sheets (really, we all know that’s gonna happen) and then, finally realizing love was there all along :) And it all started with a big… rock! :)

Tempting the player 
(book #2 in Gamble Brothers series, written by J. Lynn)

Chad is a player, am I’m not talking just about baseball. He has one job, stay clear of the ladies and improve his image. So when he’s cought kissing Bridget, his new publicist is not happy. She comes with the plan – convince the public, that their relationship is serious and Brigdet is the real deal. Maybe he’s not totally on board with this plan, but it’s actually Bridget who protests more. To the point that his publicist has to kind of blackmail her into a fake relationship with Chad. So maybe not a great start. But as always it all ends well and we get a happily ever after. And that’s what I’m talking about…

Shut out 
(book #1 in Bayard Hockey series, written by Kelly Jamieson)

Well it all started at a party, in collage… am I right? So Jacob has three things to do – play hockey, study and avoid girls. So to help with the third thing he comes up with a plan – convince Skylar to pretend to be his girlfried, that way all the other girls will back off. Perfect solution to all his problems, one might think… yeah, because pretending never leads to actual feelings, riiiiight :)

(book #2 in Stage Dive series, written by Kylie Scott)

Mal is many things – drummer, player, bad boy, but now he needs to be good, just for a little while. To please his mom, he needs to settle down with a “nice girl”. And who’s better to play that part than Annie – the “girl next door” type. She’s perfect and just what he needs. They make a deal, because of her money problems he’s gonna pay her to play his girlfriend. It’s the beginning of many hilarious situations, sweet moments and couple of hearbreaking ones. This book is a crazy ride, so are you ready to play? :)

Devil in winter 
(book #3 in Wallflowers series, written by Lisa Kleypas)

Some characters go even further than playin couple, they go straight to marriage… In this case it was all Evie’s idea. To escape her horrible relatives she comes up with a plan, I’m not saying it was a great plan, or even a good one, but a plan nonetheless. She came to Sebastian and kind of proposed to him… What you need to know about Sebastian is that he is a rake, his reputation clearly states that he’s dangerous, especially to women's reputations ;) But what most people don’t know is that he’s as desperate as Evie to be married. But what was supposed to be a marriage on conveniance quickly becomes something more, but who knew that all they needed to be happy was an angelic kind of girl and a real devil :)

Marriage of Inconvenience 
(book #7 in Knitting in the City series, written by Penny Reid)

Well I have to say that Penny Reid ended her series with a BANG! I warn you, people, if you start this book you won’t be able to read anything else as long as you don’t finish this one. I’m serious! Don’t laugh, I know you don’t believe me, but remember I warned you :) All I can say is that waiting for this conlusion of the Knitting in the City series was definitely worth it! Now quick word about the story… Kat known Dan (the security man… I had to say it!) for a couple of years, so when the time came to ask someone for help, he was a perfect candidate. For different and complicated reasons she needed a husband – like, right now. And he agreed right away, ahhh what a great guy :) So they also missed a phase – playing copule and get straight to being married, but was it really fake? I think not…

That’s it, I think I’ve done enough :) I promised you good recommendations and I delivered, right? Everyone can find something for themselves. Of course you can go ahead and read them all, because, well they’re all great. You can trust me, have I ever let you down? That’s what I’m saying… so come on and join me on my neverending climb on a #BookMountain :)


Review: "Wanderlust" by Lauren Blakely

Title: "Wanderlust"
Main characters: Griffin and Joy

I am sitting here wondering how to start this review, because after years and years of writing, this is actually the first time that I am doing a review of an audiobook ;) it's definitely the first of many more to come, cause a few months ago I discovered how much I love this form of reading :) I used to think that listening to someone read the book to me would be boring and that it would feel like a lecture and I couldn't stay focused on the story... oh, how wrong was I :) I'm not gonna get into details of why I finally gave one a try, but I fell immediately in love :) not to mention that this form of reading allows me to do other stuff while at the same time moving forward with the story :) yay for multitasking ;) but back to the review ;) it's gonna be a bit weird for me to write reviews of books I listened to, because the whole experience is so different, but we'll see :) ok, so let me tell you a bit more about out story :)

Joy is moving to Paris... she's from Texas, but after some personal hardships... I don't want to get into details of all that so as not to spoil you things that we discover further in the book... but after all that, she jumps at the opportunity to transfer to another company in Paris :) Griffin is a translator, and through some unexpected circumstances he ends up being her translator on a three month contract... so even though there is definitely chemistry between them from the moment they meet, once they discover they actually work together, they put a stop on all the flirting... well, for the most part :) instead, they become friends :) so it's a much more of a slow burn romance than I expected, but I actually loved this ;) their banter is hilarious and the growth of their friendship is absolutely cute to watch ;) what is even better, I actually really liked both of them as characters :) mostly because they acted like adults they are and not some moody teenagers, who just want to stomp their feet, because they want things to go their way and nothing else matters... because there are things that stand in the way of them becoming a couple... some very important things, and I am not talking just about the job situation... again, no details because of my no spoilers rule, but... I just love the way they handle things :) so now let's jump into my thoughts and feelings about the book as a whole :)

I had a lot of fun while I was reading it :) I would give the story full 4 stars, but... I had to bump my rating to 4,5 because of one very good reason... :) since I am reviewing an audiobook, I have something else to add to my usual thoughts about a story ;) and by that I mean narrators... when I review a novel in an ebook or paper version, I have thoughts about the writing style, about characters, the plot... but with audiobooks we also have the aspect of narrators performances :) when it comes to Grace Grant who was the voice of Joy, I have nothing bad to say about it, I liked it... but the reason for me to give this book additional 0,5 star is Richard Armitage... *sighs dreamily* his voice was perfection... that british accent... *sighs dreamily again* I swear, every time I heard him saying "chapter...* so I knew we had another chapter from Griffin's point of view, I had the biggest grin on my face... not a smile... oh no, that's not good enough to describe what was going on with me... nope, it was a grin :) every... time... ;) he absolutely seduced me with his mesmerizing performance :) so I highly recommend you to experience this story in an audiobook format :) especially since for a limited amount of time it's available only like this... I had so much fun listening to this absolutely charming story, so if you want to be seduced and travel to Paris without moving from your home, becuase reading this book will make you feel like you're there, I highly recommend you to pick this gem ;)



Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Review: "Sorcerous deeds" by Teagan Kearney

Book 2 in series Adept solutions
Main character: JB

I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of this book :) this is the second story in a series of novellas about a group of characters in a paranormal detective agency :) that is of course a very short and overly simplified way of describing them, so let me give you a few more details :) first of all, this is book #2 but it's not necessary to read the first one to enjoy this story... yes, I recommend you to do it, because that way you will understand all the dynamics better, but you can enjoy this one as a standalone :) second of all, let's talk about all the team members :) so we have JB, the owner and part daemon, Nikki, who is part imp, human twins Gemma and Jason with some very unusual abilities and Zhanna, a fairy :) the story itself takes place in an alternate version of our world, where people are aware of paranormal creatures... :) and that's basically it :) I can't really tell you much more, because it's a novella, so any additonal info might be too spoilerific ;) so let me jump into a few more details about this particular installment and why I adore it and the whole series :)

If you think that just because this is a novella, not much is happening, think again... :) because we have a missing elven princess that may or may not have been kidnapped... a missing member of the team who definitely was kidnapped... an evil sorcerer with a very evil plan... and a whole bunch of other paranormal creatures and events... :) see? I told you a lot is going on :) it's been a few months since the events from the first story, and we see how things and relationships change within our group of characters... again, no details because of spoilers :) you know? I think I'm just gonna get into all the reasons why I love this book and this series, that should be a safe topic ;) first of all, the writing style :) it's amazing... very entertaining, it pulls you in from the very first chapter... the story is once again filled with surprising turns, complex characters and once again, I need more :) honestly, I love this series so much, that I would love to read a full lenght novel at some point about them... cause I feel like we barely saw glimpses of all the possible awesomeness ;) in this second story we get to know all the team members a bit better and I love them even more... each of them is an individual, but they care so much about each other... GAH! I just love their dynamics... with the sarcastic banter, and everything... but they can count on each other when it really matters :) I highly recommend you guys this book, and this amazing series in general, especially if you don't have a lot of free time :) each of these novellas can be read very quickly :) so go check them out ;) you can thank me later :)



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Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #94

Is ballet my thing?
Song of the moment

Hello my awesome people ;) I hope you are doing well... when it comes to me... I'm doing my best not to complain, cause truth be told, I don't have too many reasons to do it... am I super busy at work? yes, but what else is new :) do I have quite a few things to prepare for my blog? yes, but that's mainly because I read so much :) does this weather makes me crazy with the constant hot-and-cold-first-spring-then-nope-it's-still-winter-here's-a-little-blizzard shenanigans? why yes, it is... but I can't do anything about it, soooo... ;) I am really working on my no complaining attitude... with mixed results, but hey... it's #WorkInProgress ;) so let's just jump straight into those headlines, in order this time :)

So about that ballet thing... it's not like I started dancing... nope... I would probably fall face first during my first attempt at a piruet or something... grace is definitely not my name ;) or balance... ;) me and J went to see Moscow City Ballet performance of "Romeo and Juliet" last week and... well... I have some very mixed feelings about it... I'm not sure if it's because apparently ballet is not my thing or is it because I was soooo tired that evening... maybe a mix of both... cause I was definitely exhausted... like, before it even began... and it didn't help that during the performance there were two 20 minutes breaks... by the time it ended and we got home and I finally went to sleep... let's just say that I woke up the next day and it was a miracle that I dragged myself out of bed and to work ;) so about the performance... there were definitely parts I enjoyed... a lot :) but unfortunately only a few of them throughout the whole performance... I think a big part of it is because I missed words... I don't necessarily need them in the performance, but at least in the songs... just the music and dance couldn't catch my attention for the whole time... or at least ballet didn't... yes, there were moments when I was mesmerized but only a few... so I'm still not sure if I will give ballet another chance... maybe I will try to see another show when I won't be that tired... or a story not filled with so much angst and drama ;) the jury's still out on a final opinion :)

If somehow you missed it, the new trailer for the newest Avengers movie is out :) and yes, I needed to write that headline using all caps... because that's how excited I am :) I absolutely loved the first one they released a few months ago and this one is even better... I just can't contain my joy and excitement to see all those characters I love in one epic movie in a matter of weeks... about six of them, but still... :) it's getting closer :) so if you missed all the awesomeness, I have that trailer for you below... if you already saw it, we can always watch it together again... and again... ;)

Last but not least, I want to share with you guys one of the songs I've been listening to lately... I've been wanting this sort of chill vibes around me, and this one fits my mood perfectly ;) if you have similar songs to recommend, let me know ;)

Ok, that's a wrap on my a bit shorter than usual #RandomRamblings post :) as always, if you want to, the best way to contact me is through my Facebook page or Goodreads account :) will talk to you soon cause I have a lot of great book recommendations coming your way... ;)



Weekly wrap up #12 ;) march 12th - march 18th

Hello my lovely people :) how was your reading week? cause mine was pretty awesome, I'm not gonna lie... ;) I read quite a lot and again, I loved all of it :) so let me tell you some more, starting with one book I was able to finish this past week, then I will share some details about all the ones I read entirely, and we will end, as always, with the stories I am still in the middle of reading :)

"Big rock" by Lauren Blakely
from 30% to 100% -> 171 pages; finished

What a phenomenal book this was :) I listened to the audiobook after my sister inhaled all six e-books  in this series and had to say nothing but praises about them and damn... she was right :) as usual... but shh... don't tell her that ;) this contemporary romance was hilarious, sweet and sexy as hell, with a narrator that gave me chills with his gravely voice... *sighs dreamily* just go read it... ;)

"Ancestral secrets" by Teagan Kearney
from 1% to 100% -> 122 pages; finished

The third installment in a series of novellas about a paranormal detective agency :) in every story, the group of very interesting characters solve a different case, and at the same time we can see how their relationships and interactions grow and change :) another great one :) will have a full review of this one next week :)

"Zwycięzca bierze wszystko" by Aneta Jadowska
from page 1 to page 513; finished

I am not gonna tease you with too much details, because this is a polish urban fantasy series that's unfortunately not available in translation, so majority of you will not be able to read it... but I will say this: the third installment was definitely my favourite so far :) I predict that I will inhale the fourth one in a matter of days ;)

"Monstress vol. 1 awakening" by Marjorie M. Liu + Sana Takeda
from page 1 to page 192; finished

wow... just wow... this was... amazing ;) I expected dark and creepy, but got soooooo much more... don't get me wrong, it's definitely very dark and very creepy... but the story is so complex... the world, the characters... I cannot wait to read more... and re-read this one again now that I know certain things... I highly recommend you guys this absolutely phenomenal graphic novel about a girl with a unique connection to a dangerous monster... it's so visually stunning that I read it very slowly... I wanted to keep reading the same page over and over again, cause there were so many intricate details on each of them... 

"The lost hero" by Rick Riordan
from page 84 to page 107

Read just a little bit more of this one, but hey... progress is still progress, even a few chapters :) the more I read his books, the more sure I am that I just love Rick Riordan's writing style :) I was hesitant to start a new series with a brand new set of characters, but I absolutely love them... :) 

"The gentleman's guide to vice and virtue" by Mackenzi Lee
from page 167 to page 215

I've been hearing nothing but praises about this book, and so far I agree with those opinions... what's more important, the most common compliment I heard is that it's hilarious... which is very true... but I am more than happy to say that it touches upon some very serious subjects as well, and I can't wait to see where this story will go now :) what a great book :)

"Grave mercy" by Robin LaFevers
from page 189 to page 313

I had such a long break from this book that it took me a while to remember the main characters and events and what exactly is happening... yeah, the memory is not what it used to be ;) anyway... after reading a few chapters I definitely got into it and I am planning to finish it this week :) I really want to see how this whole intrigue and everything will turn out :)

"The list" by Tawna Fenske
from 1% to 37% -> 75 pages

My sister read this book before me and kept telling me over and over again that I need to read it :) and as usually, she was right :) I am planning on finishing this absolutely hilarious contemporary romance very, very soon... to tease you a bit let me just say that "the list" from the title is actually a list our heroine made of all the sexual things she did... or at least that's what she told her sisters ;) and now she has a very willing accomplice to actually cross off some of them in real life... ;)

"Cake" by J. Bengtsson
from 1% to 22% -> 134 pages

After finishing my previous audiobook I wanted to dive into a "rock star romance" :) so I chose one of the audiobooks available through the Audible Romance Package... so worth it, by the way :) and so far I am definitely loving it :) and I already know why the title of the book is "cake"... but I won't spoil you this little gem :) I can't wait to see more interactions between our main couple ;)

Total page count of the week: 

Like I've mentioned at the beginning, I've had a really great reading week... although to be honest, I read the majority of all those pages over the weekend... once I finish two of the paperbacks I'm currently in the middle of, I'm definitely gonna slow down with my reading... cause I suck at the balancing reading with writing reviews... I have so much to catch up on that it's starting to get ridiculous... so I'm gonna have to take some time to work on those old ones before I accumulate even more work... cause sooner than later I'm gonna start forgetting what I want to write about those books... :) but what's most important... once again, I enjoyed immensly everything I read this week :) fingers crossed it will stay like that ;)